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ESAMI DI STATO 2011/ Maturità, seconda prova, liceo linguistico, tema di Inglese (testo letterario), le soluzioni alle tracce ufficiali

Foto: ImagoeconomicaFoto: Imagoeconomica

Life is full of confusion. Everyone is extremely busy, either with work, school, activities, or with their thoughts. I find myself always trying to do more, to pack my days as full as possible so as not to waste time. At school, at work and even at home, there are always people around. There are people to see and talk to, whether formally or informally, and often I feel that I have no time for myself. When I finally have had enough, and wish to be by myself, “invisible to others”, I sometimes retreat into my bedroom, close the door, and do something relaxing. I sometimes watch a movie, or read a book. This makes me feel distant from others, caught up in another world. However, in these cases, I can still be distracted and sometimes I am unable to remain as silent as I would like. When I really want to feel invisible, I like to go to the forest preserve near my house and walk among the trees. In nature, which is so separate from and indifferent to me, I feel invisible. When nature is extremely beautiful, perhaps when the sun sets, or when the rain stops and a rainbow crosses the sky, it is difficult to be bogged down in thoughts and everyday problems. At those times, I feel a lightness in my mind, as though the confusion of life is lifted for a moment. That is when I most feel myself to be a “wedge-shaped core of darkness”, separate and distinct from everything else, yet somehow a part of a larger scheme of things. Then I can return to school or work and remember that feeling of lightness. I can stop during my day and remember that I am a core of darkness unto myself, but also that being connected to the world and to others is not always painful.





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