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MATURITA' 2012 SOLUZIONI/ Esame di Stato: svolgimento delle tracce di inglese del Liceo linguistico

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CompositionComment on the title of the article and express your views on the topic. Why do you think the Olympic Games appeals to people so much? What do you think it represents today? Write a 300-word essay.

The Olympic Games are always an opportunity of great national pride for all the participant countries, and especially for the host country, which has a chance to show the world what it is capable of, not only in terms of athletics, but also in terms of its facilities, architecture and beauty. The Games are seen as a time to set aside differences and unite to compete peacefully in sports. Millions watch the Games because of this idealism and because they hope that their athletes will bring honor to their country. Sports are always popular among people because they are a distraction from the problems of life and because they provide something to be passionate about, to root for. The article describes the preparations for the London Olympic Games this summer, and the title, Legacy or Lunacy?, refers to the question of whether or not it is crazy to spend so much money on a few-weeks-long event. The author focuses on the specific question of the new buildings being built, but the title of the article causes readers to also think about the bigger question of whether or not the Games are worth the trouble. In this period, when most of the world is foundering in a financial crisis, it seems a bit lunatic to ask taxpayers to give even more for the possibility of creating a legacy. It seems to be an ideal of glory that is a bit unrealistic. On the other hand, perhaps getting people passionate about their countries, distracted by the spectacular events, and proud of creating a legacy, is just what is needed now. There also can never be too many peaceful relationships created between members of different countries, and competing in sports is a good way to create these relationships. Perhaps a little idealism, if tempered with the just considerations of finance, is just what the doctor ordered.

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