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MATURITA' 2012: SOLUZIONI/ Esame di Stato, seconda prova: svolgimento traccia Istituto tecnico per il turismo

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We will then walk along the narrow streets admiring the beautiful baroque buildings until we get to the square where the Town Hall stands proudly on graceful columns, a place the gods might choose for a rest! Continuing our walk we will reach the Chiesa dell’Assunta, which, in the morning light, will appear to us in all its splendour. After that we will have one hour time on our own to explore more, take pictures, shop or drink a second cappuccino before embarking for Isola San Giulio at 12.00 am from pier 2.

Arriving there we’ll have lunch in one of the most romantic restaurants of the island. We’ll be able to taste some of the typical dishes and wines of the region enjoying the peace of the restaurant’s patio. After lunch there will be time to walk around or rest in the other beautiful gardens on the shore before visiting the Benedictine monastery, where we’ll meet at 4.00 pm. Lovers of art and sculpture will be overwhelmed by the interior of the Basilica: in particular we’ll admire the marble pulpit and its carvings. A detail that will interest our British visitors: the pulpit shows figures which are said to be influenced by Saxon carvings. Something we can find only here. At 5.30 pm the boat will sail back to Orta San Giulio for the final part of our day together. As the bus to Milan will leave at 8.00 pm we’ll have plenty of time to buy some souvenirs or to sit in a café . For those who love nature and are not afraid of walking we suggest climbing the top of Sacro Monte. The view of the lake in the sunset light from there is simply breath-taking!


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