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MATURITA' 2012: SOLUZIONI/ Esame di Stato, seconda prova: svolgimento traccia Istituto tecnico per il turismo

Ecco di seguito lo svolgimento della prova di comprensione del testo e produzione in lingua straniera proposta agli istituti tecnici per il turismo, a cura di BIANCA GROSSI

Foto: InfoPhotoFoto: InfoPhoto

Ecco di seguito lo svolgimento della prova di comprensione del testo e produzione in lingua straniera proposta agli istituti tecnici per il turismo, indirizzo sperimentale (ERICA) a cura di Bianca Grossi dell’ITC S. Bandini di Siena. Un test che ha attirato su di sé una notevole attenzione: tra i brani proposti era infatti presente un vecchio articolo del Guardian in cui viene descritto positivamente il Lago d'Orta. Tanto che il presidente del Distretto Turistico dei Laghi, Monti e Valli, Antonio Longo Dorni, ha detto soddisfatto: "E' una scelta di cui siamo orgogliosi e una conferma della grande notorietà a livello internazionale della nostra destinazione, frutto di anni di lavoro e di relazioni con i media di mezzo mondo".

Testo turistico – lingua inglese

Orta: the Italian lake tourists haven’t discovered

Answers to the questions

1) Lake Orta doesn’t  show off much even if it is enchanting: for this reason it is called “La Cenerentola” by the Milanese

2) The writer of the article likes this lake because there is an atmosphere of mystery and spiritual perfection all over the place.

3) The way the surrounding nature interacts with the water enhancing the beauty of the place is what the author of the article calls the “intimate drama “ of the lake’s setting.

4) The light changes during the day from sunrise to sunset. The lake is dark and foggy early in the morning; at midday it is sunny and clear; late in the afternoon it gets gloomy.

5) In Orta San Giulio you can see the Chiesa dell’Assunta, which overlooks the village. The town hall deserves the attention of the tourist and, if you walk along the beautiful streets of the centre, you will find wonderful examples of baroque architecture.

6)  Most hotels are family run, so you don’t always have perfect service. But, on the other hand, they are cheap.

7)  If you enter the Basilica on Isola San Giulio you can admire a serpentine marble carved pulpit dating back to the 12th century.

8)  The view from Sacro Monte is breath-taking and it is worth getting to the top of the hill to enjoy it.


There are a number of lakes in northern Italy. Some, like Como and Maggiore, are very well known. Lake Orta is not as famous as these two and visitors who go there wish to preserve the quality of its beauty and don’t talk much about it. They fear the presence of too many people might spoil the magic of the lake.

In fact, apart from the natural charm of the place, it is the fascinating atmosphere to strike tourists with awe. The lake appears very different in different moments of the day and with different weather but its beauty is always mesmerizing. The wonderful buildings on the slope of Sacro Monte in Orta San Giulio contribute to the magic. The top of the hill, with its woods and gardens, is now a national park. The view from Sacro Monte is unique. Isola San Giulio is worth visiting as well because of the beautiful villas and the flowers that grow everywhere. The Benedictine monastery and the fantastic Romanesque Basilica offer art and sculpture in a gorgeous setting.

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If your visit to northern Italy includes a couple of days in Milan you may want to squeeze in a trip to one of the many lakes. We suggest you leave out the bigger ones and choose lake Orta. This precious jewel of the north hasn’t been discovered by mass tourism yet. You can be some of the happy few to enjoy its enchanting atmosphere, gorgeous views and famous heritage. The secret of its magic is the perfect blending of art and nature.

All year round we organize trips to lake Orta for groups of British tourists. The groups ( maximum 7 people per group ) are accompanied by English speaking guides. Our trips start daily from Corso Sempione 2, at 8.00 am, and the only thing you have to do is call 02 523 521 the day before to book for your group. The trip can be organised in different ways according to your particular needs and wishes.

This is a typical day with us: We’ll start at 8.00 am from Milan, Corso Sempione 2. At 9.00 am, after one hour trip on a comfortable minibus, we’ll reach Orta San Giulio, a gorgeous little town built on the slope of Sacro Monte. We’ll have a delicious breakfast in a nice café overlooking the lake and while we bite into a crunchy croissant and sip our “cappuccino” watching the mountains the guide will explain the program of the day.