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VIDEO/ Highlights of the RNC and the DNC

Watch the video highlights of the Republican National Convention and the Democratic National Convention, as the presidential election campaigns turn into the home stretch.

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The Republican National Convention and the Democratic National Convention took place recently and are still being discussed by the media. Whether or not they will have an effect on the election and what effect that will be remains to be seen. Watch highlights on the next page.

In the Republican Convention, Mitt Romney was officially named the party’s candidate to face current President Barack Obama. Paul Ryan was officially named the Republican Vice-Presidential candidate. The Convention featured speeches by the two candidates, as well as by Ann Romney and former governor of Florida Jeb Bush. Clint Eastwood also made an appearance, and improvised a fake interview with Obama, using an empty chair. A tribute video to George W. Bush was also played.

The Democratic National Convention was similar, with keynote addresses by Obama, Biden and First Lady Michelle Obama. Bill Clinton also gave a long speech highlighting the objectives of the party. Turnout to the Democratic National Convention was lower than in 2008, when Obama was making his historic bid for president. The RNC’s turnout was even lower. The total number of viewers for both conventions was also noticeably lower.

Though many were doubting the importance of the conventions this year, Obama has experienced a bounce in the polls, with most now putting him at up to 6 points above Romney.  In fact, there was much criticism of the Republican National Convention for various aspects, including the speech by Paul Ryan, which was apparently full of misrepresentations and half-truths, and Clint Eastwood’s speech, which many found strange. Romney and Ryan were also criticized for not mentioning the armed forces and their sacrifices in the war in Afghanistan. The speakers at the Democratic National Convention, in turn, were accused of being full of empty rhetoric, and some speculate that Obama’s rise in the polls will be short-lived, since the reality of the economic situation is difficult to escape.

With the official nominations done, the nation, and the candidates, can now enter into the home stretch of the campaign, with less than two months remaining until election day.

Watch highlights of the two national conventions on the next page.