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EASTER/ Holy Saturday, Holy Christians, Holy Spirit

Holy Saturday celebrates the enigma of how the unseen God draws a heart and most of the parishes nationwide will welcome new members into the Catholic community. By Sr. MARY ANN WALSH
Mary Ann Walsh

RACISM/ Winters: The shootings in Kansas

MICHAEL SEAN WINTERS comments on the shootings in Kansas at a Jewish Community Center and points out how badly our society needs to be instructed in the destructive power of hate
Michael Sean Winters

THE UNITY OF BEING/ This gift is forever

The mystery of birth fills our existence with joy, hope and wonder. It moves us to reflect on the mystery of the positivity of being and on the nature of gift. By Fr. ANTONIO LOPEZ
Antonio Lopez

VATICAN/ Francis hosts trafficking conference organised by Church in England and Wales

MEGAN HODDER reports on the international conference held in the Vatican on the scandal of human trafficking, which is the second most profitable criminal enterprise in the world
Megan Hodder

IVORY COAST/ Living in the Midst of Conflict: The Experience and Method of AVSI

AVSI, along with the Commission of Justice and Peace in the Ivory Coast have created a manual in order to teach children about the importance of promoting peace after years of conflict

TODAY’S CULTURE/ R. J. Snell: Blind Resentment

The struggle against Catholicism in today’s culture is not particularly about religion. It is a revolt against reason and reality. By R.J. SNELL
R.J. Snell

UK/ IVEREIGH: The state has eviscerated marriage. Society must rebuild it

In the UK, the state has introduced a new, official definition of marriage which is wholly out of keeping with that of society, an ersatz, hollowed-out arrangement. By AUSTEN IVEREIGH
Austen Ivereigh

RWANDAN GENOCIDE/ AVSI: The escape of Aldo

Twenty years have passed since the terrible conflict in Rwanda, one of the most terrible examples of genocide. This is the testimony of Aldo, who at the time was a few months old

TAX/ Peter Kelly (Unity Trust Bank): The last corporate taboo?

After the launch of Fair Tax Mark, PETER KELLY, Unity Trust Bank, reflects on the increasing financial and reputational risk that companies are likely to face about their tax arrangements
Peter Kelly

UK/ The foetal body-burning scandal: facing the truth of a throwaway culture

The bodies of thousands of miscarried and aborted babies have been incinerated as chemical waste in the UK. A harsh illustration of a ‘throwaway culture’. By CAROLINE FARROW
Caroline Farrow

SOUTH SUDAN/ AVSI: More from the Diary of Anna Sambo

ANNA SAMBO, AVSI’s project coordinator in South Sudan, continues her reporting on the country, while gunshots keep going and the incoming rainy season will worsen the food scarcity
Anna Sambo

CRIMEA/ Russia and the Ukraine: Violations and justifications

As the days pass, and the Russian Government’s justifications for military occupation in Crimea become ever more bizarre, international law continues to be glaringly violated. MIKE HOFFMAN
Mike Hoffman

TALES/ The Ghosts of Russell Kirk

DANIEL HOFFMAN reviews “Ancestral Shadows”, the anthology of short stories written by Russel Kirk, well known for his most significant work, “The Conservative Mind”
Daniel Hoffman

POVERTY/ Sound and Fury cloud the Bishops’ words

MATTHEW GROVES addresses key points highlighted in the Bishops' welfare letter on food poverty in the UK, which has been exploited by the press and politicians for a political controversy
Matthew Groves

UKRAINE/ Voices from the Majdan

MARTA DELL’ASTA describes what really happened at Maidan, the square in Kiev which was the starting point of Ukrainian events, and how the Ukraine crisis can be a lesson for other countries
Marta Dell'Asta

FATHER GIUSSANI/ Fr. Silanos: The gift of hope

Fr. EMMANUELE SILANOS, Fraternity of St. Charles, recounts how all Fr. Giussani’s actions were moved by the search for beauty and by the hope necessary to build and to educate
Emmanuele Silanos

EDUCATION/ Stanford, Marriage and Abortion Controversies, and the Mission of a University

JENNIFER BRYSON underlines that trying to silence others because one fears what they might say is no way to learn. And it is no way for a university to be a university
Jennifer Bryson

CRISIS/ Lorenz Wagner (Süddeutsche Zeitung): Don’t crow over a victory

In this interview LORENZ WAGNER, Süddeutsche Zeitung, highlights how a new financial crisis is still possible, because no measure has been adopted to clear up the problems at their root
Lorenz Wagner

THE LIMITS OF LIFE/ Carrol: Biology and the Philosophy of Nature

The new and exciting insights into the world which biology offers us need to be integrated into a philosophical perspective that is richer than a reductive materialism. By WILLIAM CARROLL
William Carroll

SOUTH SUDAN/ AVSI: The Diary of Anna Sambo

The testimony of ANNA SAMBO, AVSI’s project coordinator in South Sudan, is a help to understand the difficult situation of that country, that ilsussidario.net is happy to republish
Anna Sambo
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