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REFUGEES/ AVSI: Migration in the Middle East, facing the emergency

Because of the ongoing conflict in Syria and in Iraq the refugee emergency is getting worse every day and it involves further countries, like Lebanon. AVSI reports on this tragic situation

BUSINESS AND HUMAN RIGHTS/ AVSI: A challenge for enterprises?

The paper “Business and human rights: a challenge for enterprises?” is the result of an investigation started in 2009 by the AVSI Foundation and the University of Rome ‘Tor Vergata’

CHARLIE HEBDO/ Ivereigh: David Cameron’s missed opportunity to agree with Pope Francis

David Cameron may not, contrary to reports, have disagreed with the Pope on the tragic events in Paris. But he anyway missed a terrific opportunity to agree with him. By AUSTEN IVEREIGH
Austen Ivereigh

CHARLIE HEBDO/ Winters: Perpetrators & Victims, Humans All

MICHAEL SEAN WINTERS comments on the tragic events in Paris, the words of pope Francis and invites us to think over the dehumanization that killed them all, perpetrators and victims
Michael Sean Winters

NEW YORK ENCOUNTER 2015/ AVSI: ,“Generating Beauty: New Beginnings at the Ends of the World”

AVSI-USA will be present at New York Encounter with a booth hosted by staff and friends to answer questions and help communicate first-hand about AVSI's projects around the world

NEW YORK ENCOUNTER 2015/ American Saints on Display

An exhibit exploring the lives of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton and St. Frances Xavier Cabrini, will be on display at New York Encounter 2015, January 16-19. By BARBARA GAGLIOTTI
Barbara Gagliotti

NEW YORK ENCOUNTER/ Seeking the Human Face through Film – Crossroad’s Suggestions for Viewing ...

New York Encounter 2015, In Search of the Human Face, invites us to take up the theme of identity, also by viewing some proposed movies. By BARBARA GAGLIOTTI and SIMONETTA D’ITALIA WIENER
Barbara Gagliotti
Simonetta d'Italia Wiener

US/ The lesson of a South Sudan Priest in Rochester, Minnesota

Father John Lasuba with his presence has made a community in Minnesota discover the meaning of life in a “broken land” like South Sudan, his native country. By Fr. GERALD MAHON
Gerald Mahon

TIMOTHY SHRIVER/ Lessons in the Backyard

Timothy Shriver's new book “Fully Alive: Discovering What Matters Most” is a reflection on his experience of people with disabilities and what we can learn from this. By BARBARA GAGLIOTTI
Barbara Gagliotti

THE END OF THE YEAR/ Dcn. Fournier: A Christian Reflection on Time

For the Christian, time is a part of the redemptive plan of God. In the Incarnation, the Eternal Word became flesh; breaking into time to transform it from within. By Deacon KEITH FOURNIER
Keith Fournier

CHRISTIANITY/ Fr. Sottopietra: “Above” means “within”

Christianity is the beginning of eternity within the experience of common man in the world: Eternal truth is the real content of present experience. By Fr. PAOLO SOTTOPIETRA
Paolo Sottopietra

CHRISTMAS/ I saw Mary, Joseph and the Baby

Christmas: It happens now, in a hospital, because of the ‘Fiat’ of a young woman and the sacrifice of a baby who accepts to be born, to suffer and to die prematurely. By ELVIRA PARRAVICINI
Elvira Parravicini

POLITICS/ Winters: The Cuba Deal

MICHAEL SEAN WINTERS comments on the announced change in the relations between the US and Cuba, and on the role Pope Francis and Vatican diplomats played in encouraging the negotiations
Michael Sean Winters

ST KIZITO/ The value of a vocational school in the slum

St. Kizito school, born in ‘94 in Nairobi was the answer to a request of Cardinal Otunga, who wanted to give young people of Kenya slums an opportunity to stay away from violence. By AVSI

TORTURE/ Dcn. Dodge: Some musings starting from the teaching of the Catholic Church

Deacon SCOTT DODGE comments on the running debate on torture in the US in the light of the Catholic Church teaching which condemns it as intrinsically evil that cannot be morally justified
Scott Dodge

AFRICA/ Fighting the Injustice of Land-Grabs

According to Africa Faith & Justice Network land –grab has become a new form of colonialism in many African countries and is seriously harming the local populations. By MICHAEL SEAN WINTERS
Michael Sean Winters

ALS/ Why I did the Ice Bucket Challenge and I invite everyone to continue to do so

Behind the IBC, there is the real life of people who are powerful witnesses of the same truth, that reality is “positive”, no matter what disease, like ALS, strikes you. By SABRINA PAGANONI
Sabrina Paganoni

RELIGION/ Bryson: Austria’s Troubling Quran Law

Austria’s attempt to mandate a single German translation of the Quran reflects ignorance about Islam and the factors contributing to violent extremism. By JENNIFER BRYSON
Jennifer Bryson

DEBATE/ Religion in the Age of Evolution: Shaking the Pillars?

But the traditional pillars of religion that support a view of God as a Creator, transcendent cause of all that is, remain unshaken by the discoveries of modern science. By WILLIAM CARROL
William Carroll

EVIL/ A classic issue revisited

Every now and then a classic issue becomes the main topic in the media: “The presence of evil is a clear evidence that God does not exist”. But is it really so? By PIERLUIGI ASSOGNA
Pierluigi Assogna
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