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US/ Ferguson: A world in “black & white” and a deep sadness

RIRO MANISCALCO comments on the killing of Mike Brown in Ferguson and the decision of the Grand Jury not to addict the policeman who killed him, and on the lack of a real thirst for justice
Riro Maniscalco

EMO MILANO 2015/ Additive manufacturing technologies debut at fieramilano in October 2015

EMO MILANO 2015, the world metalworking exhibition, to be held at fieramilano from October 5-10, 2015, will devote an exclusive area to the fast developing sector of additive technologies

US/ Prof. Bradley: Religious Liberty at a Crossroads?

Religious exemptions - as in the US religious liberty law - witness to the value of religion as a transcendent good and not about personal idiosyncrasies. By Gerard Bradley
Gerard Bradley

EMO MILANO 2015/ The world machine tool exhibition is back in Italy after six years

More than 400 companies have already registered for EMO MILANO 2015, the world machine tool exhibition, in one month, that is about 20% more than the same period for the 2009 edition

READING/ Three Books That Add Up to One Autobiography

WEBSTER BULL writes about three books that sum up his lifelong religious pilgrimage, from a lapsed Episcopalian to a long, dry spell in the wilderness, to becoming a Catholic
Webster Bull

MANAGEMENT/ Responsible Leadership: the ten rules for being a leader in the knowledge economy

In the current context of the knowledge economy all areas need managers who share a code of conduct, behaviors and attitudes aimed at the creation of lasting value. By FRANCESCO SANSONE
Francesco Sansone

LIFE/ Take Your Pick: Banquet, Quest, or Pilgrimage

WEBSTER BULL, founder of Memoirs Unlimited, Inc, has been working on his memoir for two years. Here is his report on the lesson he delivered to a group of high school English students
Webster Bull

R.I.P/ Gordon Tullock: the Economist of Disenchantment

Gordon Tullock, a well-known economist who was co-founder of what is known as the "Virginia School of Political Economy", died on November 3. By FLAVIO FELICE and MASSIMILIANO VATIERO
Flavio Felice
Massimiliano Vatiero

RIGHTS OF THE FAMILY/ Fr. Araujo: What is past is prologue… the Synod on the Family

The 1983 Charter of the Rights of the Family demands the careful understanding and appreciation of the participants of the ongoing Synod on the Family. By Fr ROBERT J. ARAUJO
Robert John Araujo

SOUTH SUDAN/ AVSI Nutrition activities in Ikotos County

AVSI intervention in South Sudan where because of the war nearly a million people have been internally displaced and more than 345,000 have sought refuge in neighboring countries

REPUBLICAN TSUNAMI/ Dcn Fournier: We Need a Morally Coherent Presidential Candidate

Dcn KEITH FOURNIER comments on the midterm election in the light of the incoming presidential campaign, and lists his criteria for the choice of a morally coherent presidential candidate
Keith Fournier

ENCOUNTERS/ Accepting Mercy On the Supermarket Line

We like to think of ourselves as the givers, not the receivers, but we all are in need of mercy, and the lesson on this truth can come from an encounter in a supermarket. By ALLISON SALERNO
Allison Salerno

US/ Dcn Dodge: The Sixth Circuit Court and sanity

Dcn SCOTT DODGE comments on the decision of the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati to uphold the constitutional amendments passed in four states that legally uphold marriage
Scott Dodge

US/ M. S. Winters: The Midterm Tsunami

MICHAEL SEAN WINTERS (National Catholic Reporter) analyses the overall results and the consequences of the midterm elections which are very negative for President Obama and the Democrats

UGANDA/ SCORE-Stanbic Bank partnership empowers women with financial literacy skills

The Stanbic Bank donation to AVSI Foundation is facilitating a 3 year financial literacy training program in Uganda aimed to improve household incomes through financial strengthening

DEBATES/ What is time? A companion which carries along all that matters to man

Despite some progress, we are still far from achieving a profound understanding about the nature of time. A debate published in Euresis Journal. By ULISSES BARRES DE ALMEIDA and JUAN ROJO
Ulisses Barres de Almeida
Juan Rojo

DEVELOPMENT/ AVSI: Energy for all, the EU initiative

AVSI Foundation took part in a workshop hosted by the European Commission in Brussels to discuss new possibilities for providing financial support to Rural Electrification projects

IN REMEMBRANCE/ Fr. Klamut: R.I.P. Msgr Lorenzo Albacete

Fr CHARLES KLAMUT remembers his encounters with the late Monsignor Lorenzo Albacete, and the relevance they have had in his own life as a priest and as a person
Charles Klamut

EMOTION 2015/ 400 Years of Italian Music

Eighteen pieces of music from the 1600s to the present day celebrate EMO MILANO 2015 (In Milan, next October from the 5th to the 10th) and share Italy’s culture and art with the world

LIFE/ Fr. Nagle: The lesson that is coming to us from the Middle East

The catastrophe that has overtaken our brothers and sisters in the Middle East can help us to discover the story of love that makes it possible for us to live with hope. By Fr VINCENT NAGLE
Vincent Nagle
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