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CHRISTIANS/ "What you receive is the mystery that means you"

Going to Church, participating in and receiving the holy Eucharist, is an indispensable part of being a Christian: “To receive the mystery that means you.” (St Augustine). By SCOTT DODGE
Scott Dodge

R.I.P./ Johnny Winter: A powerful beauty of the human soul

“With tons of gratitude I say a prayer for Johnny thanking him that his passion moved me and inspired me to pursue music with true force.” Musician JONATHAN FIELDS says
Jonathan Fields

UK/ Assisted suicide: the red flags from abroad

Lord Falconer’s bill leaves it to doctors to decide about patients’ eligibility for physician-assisted suicide, despite negative experiences in Belgium and the Netherlands. By GREG DALY
Gregory Daly

POPES/ Notes and asides on the Celestine Jubilee

Due to the high regard in which he is held, even venerated, first by Pope Benedict and now by Pope Francis, the question, "Who was Pietro del Morrone?" has been raised. By SCOTT DODGE
Scott Dodge

NIGERIA/ Father Zerai: Boko Haram hates Christians because they educate

In this interview Fr. MUSSIE ZERAI explains the strategy of the kidnappings by Boko Haram in Nigeria, which aims to subdue the population by striking schools, and how the West can respond
Mussie Zerai

SCOTUS/ Winters: About the Hobby Lobby Decision

MICHAEL SEAN WINTERS comments on the Hobby Lobby case and points out the risk that the Supreme Court's decision, while protecting religious freedom, entails the privatization of religion
Michael Sean Winters

HOBBY LOBBY/A Decision Upholding American Ideals of Freedom

The Supreme Court decision on the Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Specialties cases rests on an important part of the American experience: the defense of religious freedom. Sr. MARY ANN WALSH
Mary Ann Walsh

EGG FREEZING/ Beating Biology and Buying Time, But at What Cost?

Egg freezing does not really beat biology. It buys a small chance at giving birth, but at a very high price indeed, including short- and long-term health risks. By JENNIFER LAHL
Jennifer Lahl

THE GUILDFORD FOUR/ Waters: They too were victims of the IRA bombs

It was inevitable that Paul Hill’s response to the death of Gerry Conlon would be misunderstood, but he was seeking identification with the dead victims of the IRA bombs. By JOHN WATERS
John Waters

HUMAN BEINGS/ Tollefsen:Science and the Embryo

Science does not need to wait on philosophy’s pronouncements about what the human embryo is. Science has settled the question of when a human being's life begins. By CHRISTOPHER TOLLEFSEN
Christopher Tollefsen

EMO MILANO 2015/ Let’s Build the Future

The 2015 edition of EMO, the world machine tool exhibition promoted by CECIMO, will take place from the 5th to the 10th of October at the prestigious exhibition centre of fieramilano

THAILAND/ Where does the ultimate source of legitimacy come from?

The military coup in Thailand and its endorsement by the Thai king calls into question the problem of legitimacy and justification of power in the modern world. By FRANCESCO SISCI
Francesco Sisci

IRAQ/ A USCCB letter to Ambassador Susan E. Rice, National Security Advisor

A letter from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Committee on International Justice and Peace to Ambassador Susan Rice demands humanitarian assistance from the U.S. for Iraq

UK/ Why the backers of assisted dying keep trying

Lord Falconer’s Assisted Dying Bill is the fourth attempt to legalise assisted suicide in Britain. If passed, it would endanger vulnerable individuals with terminal illness. By MEGAN HODDER
Megan Hodder

IRAQ/ Winters: The US should focus on small victories in the ongoing Iraq crisis

As to MICHAEL SEAN WINTERS the British-created myth of a united Iraq died this week. U.S. policy should aim to stop the killing. That may be the only thing we can reasonably hope to achieve
Michael Sean Winters

TOWARDS EXPO 2015/ Processing agricultural products in Haiti to produce energy for life

The processing unit for agricultural products of the Catholic University of Haiti is a part of the AQUAPLUS project, which aims to address food insecurity in the country

UKRAINE/ Shevchuk (Archbishop of Kyiv): Our Pilgrimage from fear to dignity

In this letter the Permanent SYNOD OF BISHOPS of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church describes what really happened in their country and asks for a continuous support to peace in Ukraine

MACHOPOLITIK AGE/ Why America Still Needs a Strategic Britain

JULIAN LINDLEY-FRENCH argues that a strategic Britain is still a vital U. S. interest to help lead Europeans and others to operate effectively in the field alongside hard-pressed US forces
Julian Lindley-French

SALVATION/ The Lion, Lucy and the necessity of growing in faith

Faith is not just a gift given that requires no growth or development, but it requires not only nurturing, but trial by ordeal. The ordeal is life, what we call experience. By SCOTT DODGE
Scott Dodge

UK/ Re-evaluating the Greenbelt will deliver more homes

CHRISTINE WHITEHEAD, Professor at LSE, sets forth her recommendations for Greenbelt land use to expand housing supply and to avoid lower standards of living and higher housing costs
Christine Whitehead
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