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US CAMPAIGN/ The Clintons, the Bushes & Queen Anne

Beside the potential conflicts of interest, the conflict of values is also relevant for what it says about a person who is a candidate to become President of the US. By MICHAEL SEAN WINTERS
Michael Sean Winters

EMPIRICAL SCIENCE/William Carrol: Souls Matter

A materialist philosophy that denies the reality of immaterial features of the world is an impoverished view of nature. Without souls, there are no living things. By WILLIAM CARROL
William Carroll

DAWSON ON NEWMAN/ Webster Bull: Just the Thing to Give Me Courage

Christopher Dawson’s The Spirit of the Oxford Movement is a good start for a better understanding of Newman, the Oxford Movement and their struggle against secularism. By WEBSTER BULL
Webster Bull

BALTIMORE AND MILAN/ Fr. Nagle: Angry young men. Why?

It is so easy to destroy and to find a pretext for expressing an uncontainable rage. But it takes a mature humanity, full of hopeful and laborious suffering to build.. By Fr. VINCENT NAGLE
Vincent Nagle

SUBSIDIARITY/ Houellebecq defines distributism well

In an imagined French Islamist government described in his latest novel Soumission, Michel Houellebecq gives a good description of distributism and subsidiarity. By Deacon SCOTT DODGE
Scott Dodge

RELIGIOUS FREEDOM/ Need for “Sufficiently Profound Responses” to Religion-Related Violence

In his 2015 report, Heiner Bielefeltd, UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion or Belief, focuses on “Preventing violence committed in the name of religion.” By JENNIFER BRYSON
Jennifer Bryson

CATHOLICISM/ Tollefsen: God, Death, and Capital Punishment

It is philosophically and theologically defensible for Catholics to believe that the death penalty is intrinsically wrong. A debate on capital punishment. By CHRISTOPHER TOLLRFSEN

US POLITICS/ Winters: Dems Need to Oppose TPP & Fast-Track Trade Authority

Today’s GOP faces greater ideological divisions within its ranks than do the Democrats. The one issue that splits the Democrats is now taking center stage: Trade. By MICHAEL SEAN WINTERS
Michael Sean Winters

MIDDLE EAST/ The battle against Islamic State must include a postwar plan

IS can and will be beaten, but we need to know what comes next. We need a just peace and a practical plan to take us beyond the trauma and for how to bring people home. By ROBERT JOUSTRA
Robert Joustra


Sexual orientation and gender identity are conceptually different from race, and ENDA threatens basic First Amendment rights, creating new, subjective protected classes. By RYAN ANDERSON
Ryan Anderson

SAUDI ARABIA/ Update on Raif Badawi

An update on the situation of Raif Badawi, the Saudi blogger sentenced to a thousand lashes for his criticism of the political and religious establishment in his country. By DANIEL MARK
Daniel Mark

TRUE PARADOX/ Abp. Chaput: Breaking Down the Barriers to Faith

Christianity hasn’t been considered and found untenable. It’s presumed unreasonable and left unconsidered. “True paradox”, a book by David Skeels. By Abp. CHARLES CHAPUT
Charles Chaput

RELIGIOUS FREEDOM/ Fr. Araujo: Indiana’s RFRA Act

The Indiana’s RFRA Act does not impose on the non-believer or someone who adheres to some other faith. It protects the claimant who is exercising a Constitutional right. By Fr. ROBERT ARAUJO
Robert John Araujo

REPUBLIC OF CONGO/ AVSI: #ChildrenofPeace , education and pre-school access to ...

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, a project by the EU Children of Peace initiative and AVSI provides primary education and pre-school access to thousands of conflict-affected children

ISRAEL/ Winters: Netanyahu's Somersaults

Netanyahu’s re-election is not conducive to hope for a peaceful settlement between the Israelis and Palestinians, but the turmoil in the region has further reasons. By MICHAEL SEAN WINTERS
Michael Sean Winters

IRAQ/ AVSI: The refugee crisis. The stories from Erbil

In Iraqi Kurdistan, AVSI is working together with Caritas and Patriarcato Caldeo to help the many who are fleeing from war zones. A report by GIAMPAOLO SILVESTRI, secretary general of AVSI

FERGUSON/ The Long Term Effects of Slavery, Poverty, and Racism

The latest escalation of racial tension in Missouri was the result of generations of harassment, control, and racially motivated force imposed on the African Americans. By MICHAEL EPPLER
Michael Eppler

DAWSON/ The Formation of Christendom: Deeper into History

The reading of Christopher Dawson’s “The Formation of Christendom” leads WEBSTER BULL to some meaningful musings on the relevance of history in Christianity, particularly in Catholicism
Webster Bull

MEXICO/ AVSI: The challenge of education in Oaxaca with the Ibero-American University

New teacher training facilities set up in a difficult educational context like Oaxaca in Mexico, thanks to a project implemented by AVSI, Crecemos Dijo and the Ibero-American University

CATHOLIC MEDIA/ Winters: Today's Joint Editorial Against Capital Punishment

Four Catholic publications, usually on different sides, yesterday spoke with one voice against the death penalty in the U S. And this is good for the Church underlines MICHAEL SEAN WINTERS
Michael Sean Winters
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