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AVSI/ New Beginnings at the Ends of the World: "The Power of a Welcoming Embrace"

Amparito Espinoza lives in Ecuador amidst poverty and violence. Her story was featured in the RIMINI MEETING exhibit: ‘Generating Beauty: New Beginnings at the Ends of the World’’

SYRIA/ The account of Custodian Pizzaballa after his visit to Aleppo

ATS Pro Terra Sancta reports on the visit Father PIERBATTISTA PIZZABALLA – Custodian of the Holy Land and president of the Association pro Terra Sancta – in the massacred city of Aleppo

GOSPEL/ Prostitutes will Enter Before you

To discover our need for salvation through the presence of the Savior is to discover what unites me to each human being. This is the fundamental fact in our life. By Fr. VINCENT NAGLE
Vincent Nagle

CHURCH/ Pre-synod jostling points to dynamism of Rome meeting on family

AUSTEN IVEREIGH (Catholic Voices) comments on the discussions prior to the “extraordinary” Synod of Catholic bishops to be hold on 5-19 October in Rome on the family and marriage
Austen Ivereigh

MIDDLE EAST/ Winters: Congress, Obama and ISIS

The vote in the House does not start the US down a clear path to any kind of victory. But, it is a step forward, and we should not be afraid to walk down this path. By MICHAEL SEAN WINTERS
Michael Sean Winters

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE/ Pope Francis, 16 Women Senators, and Protecting Women

A bipartisan group of 16 women senators wrote Commissioner Goodell expressing dismay with the NFL’s “policy” regarding domestic violence and Ray Rice's beating of his wife. By MARY LEARY
Mary Leary

CATHOLICS/ A fascinating "what if?" about colonial America

What if the first American colonists had been Catholics seeking refuge from Elizabethan persecution? A new book from Oxford tells the story. By RICHARD GARNETT
Richard Garnett

STATE/ Esolen: The Illusion of Neutrality

That the State must remain neutral as regards religion or irreligion has come to be a liberal dictum. But the secular state cannot be neutral in matters of religion. By ANTHONY ESOLEN
Anthony Esolen

WOMEN/ We Should Not Need A Videotape To Be Repulsed By Domestic Violence

According to the Domestic Violence Hotline, 3 in 10 women will experience some form of intimate partner violence or stalking, but without a video camera to charge the abuser. By MARY LEARY
Mary Leary

RIMINI MEETING/ The Power of the Heart – Researchers of Truth: The Custos of the Holy Land

Fr PIERBATTISTA PIZZABALLA, Custos of the Holy Land and President of the Association pro Terra Sancta, took part in the Rimini Meeting where he talked on the situation in the Middle East

EMO MILANO 2015/ The debut on the international scene of the global exhibition dedicated to ...

EMO MILANO 2015, the global exhibition dedicated to the metal working industry which is going to be held at Fieramilano from October 5 - 10, made its debut on the international scene

IRAQ/ AVSI-USA Emergency Campaign: Support Iraqi Refugees

AVSI-USA joins the AVSI Network emergency campaign to provide humanitarian aid to roughly 30,000 of the nearly 180,000 displaced Iraqis seeking refuge in Iraqi Kurdistan

SAME-SEX MARRIAGE/ Why gay people don’t feel much like exercising their ‘right’ to marry

The introduction of same-sex marriage has stripped civil marriage of its intrinsic meaning for everyone, gay or heterosexual couples, as statistics are demonstrating. By AUSTEN IVEREIGH
Austen Ivereigh

WATERS/ Book Review: Don't Bother with "Carsick"

ALLISON SALERNO reviews Carsick, the book where film director John Waters describes his hitchhiking across the United States. But it looks like as a fantasy book more than a real diary
Allison Salerno

SCHOOL/ Review: "Lost Classroom, Lost Community"

In their book Margaret Brinig and Nicole Stelle Garnett underline the positive effect Catholic schools have on the social capital of the neighborhoods they serve. By MICHAEL SEAN WINTERS
Michael Sean Winters

UK/ Catholic bishops urge Scots to vote in independence referendum

CATHOLIC VOICES report on the messages where the Archbishops of Glasgow and of Edinburgh have stressed both the freedom of conscience, as well as the civic duty to engage in the referendum

MARKET/ Reciprocity: A foundation of financial economics

Dr TIM JOHNSON outlines the lessons maths can teach us about ethics and finance, particularly about reciprocity in pursuit of social cohesion instead of a focus on profit maximisation
Tim Johnson

UK/ Help To Build...Voter Support by 2015

British voters have increasingly named housing as the top concern deciding their vote for 2015. ResPublica's LORENA PAPAMANCI responds to Labour's new housing strategy
Lorena Papamanci

IRAQ/ Winters: The Execution of James Foley

These brave journalists, as James Foley, who cover war zones perform an essential task by forcing us to face the cruelties in the world. Shame on us if we look away. By MICHAEL SEAN WINTERS
Michael Sean Winters

ENERGY/ We Need a Stronger Carbon Price to Justify Shale

Professor SAMUEL FANKHAUSER examines the policy measures needed to ensure shale gas extraction is commensurate with our wider climate change objectives, compared with natural gas and coal
Samuel Fankhauser
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