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LEBANON/ AVSI: Students graduate from EU supported agricultural course

One hundred and twenty Lebanese and Syrian students received their certificates after completing the first course for agricultural workers in Lebanon, a project by the EU and AVSI

COPTIC BISHOP/ Forgiving Isis

Coptic Bishop Angaelos says a Christians must forgive , even the killers from Isis and calls for united efforts on behalf of Christians and all those who are persecuted. By DANIEL PHILPOTT
Daniel Philpott

Fr.GIUSSANI/ From the U.S. in the tenth anniversary of his death

In the tenth anniversary of the death of Fr. Luigi Giussani, ELIZABET PERALTA recounts from the US what he and CL, the movement he founded, have meant for her faith and her life

TECHNOLOGY AND MORALITY/ Fr. Nagle: Life is a preference for reality as it is given to us

A new morality, which seems at times so far from reality, is born of fear, a fear and rejection of things that are given, that do not have their origins in us. By Fr. VINCENT NAGLE
Vincent Nagle

POLITICS/ Islam and Democracy in 2015

In “Confronting Political Islam: Six Lessons from the West’s Past.”, JOHN OWEN analyses how the history of democracy in the West could help Islam to develop its own concept of democracy
John Owen

MOVIES/ “Black or White” Has More Dimension than I Expected

There is plenty of brokenness and humanity on display on both sides of the racial divide in “Black and White,” and the movie even offers us an angle of grace. By WEBSTER BULL
Webster Bull

US BUDGET PROPOSAL/ Winters: The Tinkerer-in-Chief

President Obama is such a gifted politician at election time, but he seems incapable of putting forth policies that are capable of galvanizing public support. By MICHAEL SEAN WINTERS
Michael Sean Winters

HAITI/ AVSI: Five years after the earthquake. Alongside people to reconstruct the human

After five years since the disaster has brought Haiti to its knees, AVSI continues its commitment to the “reconstruction of the human”. But, important challenges still remain to be tackled

RUSSIA/ Sisci: Putin’s policy up against Europe and Asia

It was Russia’s vocation for centuries to be a land-bridge between Asia and Europe. Now the world has regained a Eurasian dimension so Moscow should think beyond Europe. By FRANCESCO SISCI
Francesco Sisci

GENETICS/ UK Churches speak out against bid to allow ‘three-parent’ embryos

The Church of England and the Catholic Church have issued statements urging MPs to vote against a new genetic technology that critics say is both unethical and unsafe. By AUSTEN IVEREIGH
Austen Ivereigh

POLITICS/ Winters: The Mideast Mess

The coup in Yemen and changes in Saudi Arabia are not easing the very difficult situation in the Middle East and shows the limits of the US policy. By MICHAEL SEAN WINTERS
Michael Sean Winters

REFUGEES/ AVSI: Migration in the Middle East, facing the emergency

Because of the ongoing conflict in Syria and in Iraq the refugee emergency is getting worse every day and it involves further countries, like Lebanon. AVSI reports on this tragic situation

BUSINESS AND HUMAN RIGHTS/ AVSI: A challenge for enterprises?

The paper “Business and human rights: a challenge for enterprises?” is the result of an investigation started in 2009 by the AVSI Foundation and the University of Rome ‘Tor Vergata’

CHARLIE HEBDO/ Ivereigh: David Cameron’s missed opportunity to agree with Pope Francis

David Cameron may not, contrary to reports, have disagreed with the Pope on the tragic events in Paris. But he anyway missed a terrific opportunity to agree with him. By AUSTEN IVEREIGH
Austen Ivereigh

CHARLIE HEBDO/ Winters: Perpetrators & Victims, Humans All

MICHAEL SEAN WINTERS comments on the tragic events in Paris, the words of pope Francis and invites us to think over the dehumanization that killed them all, perpetrators and victims
Michael Sean Winters

NEW YORK ENCOUNTER 2015/ AVSI: ,“Generating Beauty: New Beginnings at the Ends of the World”

AVSI-USA will be present at New York Encounter with a booth hosted by staff and friends to answer questions and help communicate first-hand about AVSI's projects around the world

NEW YORK ENCOUNTER 2015/ American Saints on Display

An exhibit exploring the lives of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton and St. Frances Xavier Cabrini, will be on display at New York Encounter 2015, January 16-19. By BARBARA GAGLIOTTI
Barbara Gagliotti

NEW YORK ENCOUNTER/ Seeking the Human Face through Film – Crossroad’s Suggestions for Viewing ...

New York Encounter 2015, In Search of the Human Face, invites us to take up the theme of identity, also by viewing some proposed movies. By BARBARA GAGLIOTTI and SIMONETTA D’ITALIA WIENER
Barbara Gagliotti
Simonetta d'Italia Wiener

US/ The lesson of a South Sudan Priest in Rochester, Minnesota

Father John Lasuba with his presence has made a community in Minnesota discover the meaning of life in a “broken land” like South Sudan, his native country. By Fr. GERALD MAHON
Gerald Mahon

TIMOTHY SHRIVER/ Lessons in the Backyard

Timothy Shriver's new book “Fully Alive: Discovering What Matters Most” is a reflection on his experience of people with disabilities and what we can learn from this. By BARBARA GAGLIOTTI
Barbara Gagliotti
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