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ALABAMA SHAKES/ “Boys and Girls”, soul music is not dead

Alabama Shakes Alabama Shakes

In I Ain’t the Same, they even allow themselves to quote the opening riff of Jimi Hendrix's Little Wing, but then the piece overflows into another throbbing soul ballad. That the Alabama Shakes are on the right track, one that could give a jolt to the pretend black music that I mentioned at the beginning, is evidenced by the fact that someone like Jack White, the former White Stripes member, has taken them under his wing, bringing them on tour with him.

Will success come? It could. The fact remains that "Boys and Girls" is a candidate for debut album of the year. A debut that goes its own way, as highlighted in the concluding track, On Your Way, the most rock'n'roll of the album, where even the guitarist of the group finds a way to vent (which would not have been out of place in the debut of the Kings of Leon). The kids of the South are growing up and this can only be good for rock music in general.

(translation by Maria Bond) 

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