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MOVIES/ “Black or White” Has More Dimension than I Expected

There is plenty of brokenness and humanity on display on both sides of the racial divide in “Black and White,” and the movie even offers us an angle of grace. By WEBSTER BULL
Webster Bull

NEW YORK ENCOUNTER/ Seeking the Human Face through Film – Crossroad’s Suggestions for Viewing ...

New York Encounter 2015, In Search of the Human Face, invites us to take up the theme of identity, also by viewing some proposed movies. By BARBARA GAGLIOTTI and SIMONETTA D’ITALIA WIENER
Barbara Gagliotti
Simonetta d'Italia Wiener

BOOKS/ Between Stephen King and John, I’ll Take John

Revival starts—and continues for nearly 350 pages—with a whimper. It wanders around desultory and without interest (unless you find King’s narrative voice interesting). By WEBSTER BULL
Webster Bull

READING/ Three Books That Add Up to One Autobiography

WEBSTER BULL writes about three books that sum up his lifelong religious pilgrimage, from a lapsed Episcopalian to a long, dry spell in the wilderness, to becoming a Catholic
Webster Bull

WATERS/ Book Review: Don't Bother with "Carsick"

ALLISON SALERNO reviews Carsick, the book where film director John Waters describes his hitchhiking across the United States. But it looks like as a fantasy book more than a real diary
Allison Salerno

R.I.P./ Johnny Winter: A powerful beauty of the human soul

“With tons of gratitude I say a prayer for Johnny thanking him that his passion moved me and inspired me to pursue music with true force.” Musician JONATHAN FIELDS says
Jonathan Fields

NICOLE ATKINS/ “My biggest influences are Lee Hazelwood and Ennio Morricone”

A wide-ranging interview with NICOLE ATKINS by Alessandro Berni on her new album "Slow Phaser", where a distinct 70s synth progressive sound fells in line with a full pop arrangement
Alessandro Berni

NARNIA/ Abp Williams: Aslan is not a tame lion

SCOTT DODGE reviews Archbishop Rowan Williams' book “The Lion's World: A Journey Into the Heart of Narnia” and particularly the author’s insights about the remarkable figure of Aslan
Scott Dodge

INTERNET/ Sigillito: Crowdfunding, Selfies, and Mommy Blogs

It’s common to worry that the internet is isolating us. But could it also be helping to create new forms of community? According to SERENA SIGILLITO this is possible
Serena Sigillito

TALES/ The Ghosts of Russell Kirk

DANIEL HOFFMAN reviews “Ancestral Shadows”, the anthology of short stories written by Russel Kirk, well known for his most significant work, “The Conservative Mind”
Daniel Hoffman

TWITTER/ Meaning in 140 Characters or Less

Twitter and all forms of social media have the potential to carry messages worth following and deciphering only in a culture that first produces messages worth sharing. By ANDREA FAVATA
Andrea Favata

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN/ The apocalypse in the new Ghost of Tom Joad

PAOLO VITES comments on Bruce Springsteen’s new album “High Hopes”, which includes a new electrical version of “The Ghost of Tom Joad”, the 1995 song inspired by Steinbeck’s character
Paolo Vites

INTERNET/ Says Pope Francis: Toughen up, people!

According to Pope Francis, the Internet can be a rugged neighborhood, but it’s where the Gospel needs to be preached and people seen as neighbors not enemies. By Sr. MARY ANN WALSH
Mary Ann Walsh

BOOKS/ Pondering Evil in “Father Sergius” by Tolstoy

In “Father Sergius”, a short story by Lev Tolstoy, the character of Makovkina, a divorcée who “shocks the town”, makes one think deeply about the nature of evil. By Sr. Edith Bogue
Edith Bogue

Lewis Hine / New York 1929: the "mad flight" that challenged the Great Depression

Lewis Hine does not forget the fatigue, the risk, the poor compensation received, the drama of work in his photos, but there is something greater in the destiny of man. By LORELLA GIUDICI
Lorella Giudici

BOOK/ A Radical’s Road out of Islamist Extremism

Radical, by Maajid Nawaz, brings the reader inside the individual human dynamics of one young man’s transition into extremist Islamism and his eventual departure from it. By JENNIFER BRYSON
Jennifer Bryson

CENTENARY/ Camus' Battle

On the occasion of the centenary of the birth of Albert Camus, FERNANDO DE HARO illustrates the heritage left to us by his literary works, where the desire for “more life” is central
Fernando De Haro

MOVIE/ GRAVITY: A rediscovery of Earth

Through the gorgeous cinematography, the film “Gravity” puts the central question of what happens to us and our life when we are detached from our center of gravity. By SHARON MOLLERUS
Sharon Mollerus

MOVIES/ “Gravity” without God

In the new film “Gravity”, Dr. Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) hears (and sees) her voice, like a modern Joan of Arc, but Joan lived in an inhabited universe, Ryan is alone. By WEBSTER BULL
Webster Bull

LA STRADA 2/ "I am ignorant, but I read books"

Federico Fellini, the famous Italian director, was often at odds with the Church's hierarchy but viewed the Church as a loving, even indulgent mother. By SCOTT DODGE
Scott Dodge
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