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CRUCIFIX/ Professor Weiler 's First Comment on Grand Chamber's Ruling

A ruling by the European Court of Human Rights states that crucifixes may be displayed in public places in Italy. Professor Joseph Weiler's press release

Professor Joseph H.H. Weiler Professor Joseph H.H. Weiler

On Friday March 18th, the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights tackled the case Lautsi vs Italy concerning the presence of crucifixes in classrooms, ruling that the crucifixes are acceptable in schools in Italy. This ruling overturns the November 2009 decision by a Chamber of the same Court. Professor Joseph Weiler, who represented eight governments third parties in the case, issued a statement expressing his first opinion on the ruling.

Press Release

Paris, March 18th, 2011 (Released before sunset, Paris time)

1. Professor JHH Weiler of New York University School of Law and Honorary Professor at London University, represented, pro bono,  the Governments of Armenia, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Lithuania, Malta, The Russian Federation and San Marino in the Lautsi Case before the Grand Chamber of the ECHR.

2. Because of the proximity of the Ruling to the beginning of the Sabbath, Professor Weiler was unable to be present at the Court. He has extended his apology to the Court and to the Governments of the States he represented.

3. He released the following Statement:

4. “I am cautiously satisfied with the outcome of the case, in which the Grand Chamber reversed the decision of the Chamber by 15 votes to 2, pending a more careful reading and evaluation of the Grand Chamber’s Ruling and reasoning.”