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CONVERSION/ From Raving Atheist to Raving Theist

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Second, they argue that opposition to abortion is just superstitious Catholic or religious dogma. Again, this argument doesn't focus on the scientific status of the fetus.  Instead, it assumes that the ONLY reasons for opposing abortion must be religious, while ignoring the scientific reasons shared by both believers and non-believers.  The Catholic Church and other religions also oppose the death penalty, as well as murder, rape, theft and other crimes -- but this clearly does not mean that opposition to those practices is solely religious.Lastly, they argue that religion or the Bible or some other religious text support abortion.  As before, the nature of the fetus is ignored, in favor of a religious argument.  It is worth noting that Planned Parenthood employs clergy to promote abortion and holds prayer breakfasts. 

Is there a person who was especially important to your conversion?

Ashli McCall is a remarkable, compassionate, intelligent and scientific Christian mother who has devoted much of her life to helping sick, suffering pregnant women survive and have their babies. She got me involved in her charitable work soon after I met her on the internet in 2004, and that experience changed my attitude toward abortion. In 2007 she published "Beyond Morning Sickness," a comprehensive, scientific, 500-page guide to the treatment of hyperemesis gravidarum, a terrible pregnancy-related disease that causes constant nausea, vomiting, dehydration and malnutrition. Since that time I've been heavily involved distributing Ashli's book and working with volunteers to get hyperemesis victims better treatment and support, and we've helped hundreds of women in all 50 American states and 23 countries.

In 2004 you announced that the Raving Atheist would become a pro-life blog.  Why weren’t you satisfied with simply becoming a pro-life atheist, but you also began to consider becoming a Christian?

I was satisfied to be a pro-life atheist, at least for the first two years. However, as I became more involved with pro-life volunteering, I felt uncomfortable attacking, through my blog, the beliefs of many people I was working with. So I promised to stop criticizing religion in my writings. Instead, I began exploring the arguments in favor of God and analyzing them on my website. Forcing myself to do that ultimately led me to a belief in Christianity.

You wrote that believers are happier than people who do not believe. Why are you convinced of this?