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NYE/ Freedom bigger than New York

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I expect a lot because they are full days and true, beautiful as one would like all days to be. How strange the things we did when we were kids seem, when passed under a powerful magnifying glass: the busy university years, the initiatives of the cultural center, popular festivals, concerts, etc. With New York instead of Milan and Pesaro.

I was not capable of doing it that time, and I am not now. Yet it happens now, more incredibly now than ever, and I am a protagonist, as are other friends. "Free of the outcome," Fr Giussani taught us, that is, not defined by the results of our effort. Because things, initiatives, can even go wrong, but the result that really matters is that, in doing what you are doing, you grow in faith, hope and charity. First of all, in your heart, in the heart of the "hero" who is not capable of anything and yet bears fruit because he lives entrusting himself to that which he has encountered. In fact, it is an "Encounter" and we want to witness to this encounter throughout New York, our city. By doing something much bigger than us, making something bigger than New York. So that those who have a bit of curiosity and desire in their hearts can ask themselves Who really does things.

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