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Articles in Culture & Religion


CATHOLICS/ A fascinating "what if?" about colonial America

What if the first American colonists had been Catholics seeking refuge from Elizabethan persecution? A new book from Oxford tells the story. By RICHARD GARNETT
Richard Garnett

STATE/ Esolen: The Illusion of Neutrality

That the State must remain neutral as regards religion or irreligion has come to be a liberal dictum. But the secular state cannot be neutral in matters of religion. By ANTHONY ESOLEN
Anthony Esolen

CATHOLIC VOICES/ Catholic Church urges global action to assist victims of Iraq ‘catastrophe’

CATHOLIC VOICES report on the call for international action in Iraq by Catholic Church leaders in London, Brussels and Rome and by the Vatican’s Council for Interreligious Dialogue

RIMINI MEETING/ John Waters: “Where I found something about myself”

An exhibition at the 2014 Rimini Meeting, to be held on August 24th-30th, tells AVSI story in Kenya, Ecuador and Brazil. Here the introduction by the Irish writer JOHN WATERS
John Waters

US/ Religion & the Founding: Winters' Wrap Up

Too often, secularists have ignored the influence of religion in early Republican America, and Christians have sought to claim the founding as a Christian event. By MICHAEL SEAN WINTERS
Michael Sean Winters

CHRISTIANS/ "What you receive is the mystery that means you"

Going to Church, participating in and receiving the holy Eucharist, is an indispensable part of being a Christian: “To receive the mystery that means you.” (St Augustine). By SCOTT DODGE
Scott Dodge

POPES/ Notes and asides on the Celestine Jubilee

Due to the high regard in which he is held, even venerated, first by Pope Benedict and now by Pope Francis, the question, "Who was Pietro del Morrone?" has been raised. By SCOTT DODGE
Scott Dodge

SALVATION/ The Lion, Lucy and the necessity of growing in faith

Faith is not just a gift given that requires no growth or development, but it requires not only nurturing, but trial by ordeal. The ordeal is life, what we call experience. By SCOTT DODGE
Scott Dodge

U.S./ Serial Churchgoers: Something for Pew to Peruse

Sr. MARY ANN WALSH comments on the Pew Research Center’s report about the shifting religious identity of Latinos in the U.S. and on the increasing number of people who are leaving churches
Mary Ann Walsh

TORTURE/ Archbishop Tomasi’s speech to UN committee

The following remarks were made by Archbishop SILVANO TOMASI, presenting the Report of the Holy See to the U.N.’s Committee on the Convention against Torture. (From Catholic Voices)

CANONIZATIONS/ Winters: Montini and the Second Vatican Council

MICHAEL SEAN WINTERS describes the basic role pope Paul VI had in the development of Vatican II and in its implementation, and how he worked to maintain the unity of the Church
Michael Sean Winters

CANONIZATION/ Weigel: John XXIII and John Paul II are two bookends of Vatican II

GEORGE WEIGEL, the author of Witness to Hope, A biography of Pope John Paul II, spoke with ilsussidiario.net about the canonization Pope Francis wanted for two of his predecessors
George Weigel

CANONISATION/ The secret of what makes the two popes saints

GREGORY DALY (Catholic Voices) reports on the Vatican press briefing where the postulators for the double canonisation highlighted the lives and the holiness of John XXIII and John Paul II
Gregory Daly

FR. GIUSSANI/ Emilia (Taiwan): Someone who sought beauty

Emilia comes from Taiwan and, in 2013, she was baptized. About Fr. Giussani, whom she has met through his writings, she has this to say: “We are together because of him.” By Fr. PAOLO COSTA
Paolo Costa

CANONISATION/ When the faithful put saints on the fast track

Sunday’s historic double-canonisation of John XXIII and John Paul II has involved modifying or suspending the normal legal processes the Church uses to verify sanctity. By GREGORY DALY
Gregory Daly

ENCOUNTERS/ The Secret of God’s Life

Fr. FRANCESCO FERRARI, Fraternity of St. Charles, describes his visit to a cooperative that takes care of disabled children, where loneliness seemed more difficult than companionship
Francesco Ferrari

EASTER/ Holy Saturday, Holy Christians, Holy Spirit

Holy Saturday celebrates the enigma of how the unseen God draws a heart and most of the parishes nationwide will welcome new members into the Catholic community. By Sr. MARY ANN WALSH
Mary Ann Walsh

RACISM/ Winters: The shootings in Kansas

MICHAEL SEAN WINTERS comments on the shootings in Kansas at a Jewish Community Center and points out how badly our society needs to be instructed in the destructive power of hate
Michael Sean Winters

THE UNITY OF BEING/ This gift is forever

The mystery of birth fills our existence with joy, hope and wonder. It moves us to reflect on the mystery of the positivity of being and on the nature of gift. By Fr. ANTONIO LOPEZ
Antonio Lopez

TODAY’S CULTURE/ R. J. Snell: Blind Resentment

The struggle against Catholicism in today’s culture is not particularly about religion. It is a revolt against reason and reality. By R.J. SNELL
R.J. Snell
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