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Articles in Culture & Religion


ENCOUNTERS/ The Secret of God’s Life

Fr. FRANCESCO FERRARI, Fraternity of St. Charles, describes his visit to a cooperative that takes care of disabled children, where loneliness seemed more difficult than companionship

EASTER/ Holy Saturday, Holy Christians, Holy Spirit

Holy Saturday celebrates the enigma of how the unseen God draws a heart and most of the parishes nationwide will welcome new members into the Catholic community. By Sr. MARY ANN WALSH
Mary Ann Walsh

RACISM/ Winters: The shootings in Kansas

MICHAEL SEAN WINTERS comments on the shootings in Kansas at a Jewish Community Center and points out how badly our society needs to be instructed in the destructive power of hate
Michael Sean Winters

THE UNITY OF BEING/ This gift is forever

The mystery of birth fills our existence with joy, hope and wonder. It moves us to reflect on the mystery of the positivity of being and on the nature of gift. By Fr. ANTONIO LOPEZ
Antonio Lopez

TODAY’S CULTURE/ R. J. Snell: Blind Resentment

The struggle against Catholicism in today’s culture is not particularly about religion. It is a revolt against reason and reality. By R.J. SNELL
R.J. Snell

FATHER GIUSSANI/ Fr. Silanos: The gift of hope

Fr. EMMANUELE SILANOS, Fraternity of St. Charles, recounts how all Fr. Giussani’s actions were moved by the search for beauty and by the hope necessary to build and to educate
Emmanuele Silanos

POPE FRANCIS AFTER ONE YEAR/ The Poor Have Much to Teach Us

Pope Francis has inspired thousands of employees of Catholic Relief Services in their work to alleviate the burden of poverty for a lifetime and for generations to come. By CAROLYN WOO
Carolyn Woo

CHURCH/ Following Pope Francis' lead after a year

In his first year in office, Pope Francis has shown he knows how to lead. Pope Francis reaches across the table. No one is unapproachable. No one is an enemy. By Sr. MARY ANN WALSH
Mary Ann Walsh

HUMAN SEXUALITY/ Fr. Araujo: Bigotry, Discrimination, Teaching, and Catholic Thought

The teachings of the Catholic Church condemn discrimination that is unjust. In fact human civilization and human nature rely on proper, i.e., just, discrimination. By Fr. ROBERT ARAUJO
Robert John Araujo

RELIGIOUS LIBERTY/ Rick Garnett: "Bigotry" v. "Sincerely held religious belief"

RICHARD GARNETT, Notre Dame University, examines the issue of religious liberty in the light of the recently vetoed Arizona RFRA proposal and, more generally, of antidiscrimination laws
Richard Garnett

FR. LUIGI GIUSSANI/ Fr. Sottopietra: The most important encounter in my life

Don Giussani touched and directed towards what is good the lives of thousands of people announcing the living Christ. By Fr. PAOLO SOTTOPIETRA, Superior General of Fraternity of St. Charles
Paolo Sottopietra

ENCOUNTERS/ Msgr. Camisasca: My Gratitude for Fr. Giussani

Only by obeying God and entering into his will, can we ourselves enter into the secret of a life which does not die. Fr. Giussani is a luminous testimony of all of this. By MASSIMO CAMISASCA
Massimo Camisasca

CULTURE WAR/ Politics, Art, and Love: A Lesson from Dante

In working to change our culture, we are interacting with human beings whose conversions can only be wrought through a combination of love, truth, and free will. By SERENA SIGILLITO
Serena Sigillito

THEOLOGY OF THE BODY/ The "deepest substratum of human ethics and culture"

Bl. John Paul II sought to distinguish between the Manichaen "anti-value" of the body and the genuinely Christian value and sacramental understanding of the human body. By SCOTT DODGE
Scott Dodge

FATHER GIUSSANI/ Fr. Vincent Nagle: Recognizing Christ in "something more"

In the anniversary of the death of Father Luigi Giussani, (22 February 2005), VINCENT NAGLE recounts his first encounter with the founder of the movement of Communion and Liberation
Vincent Nagle

THE UNITED NATIONS/ Caring for Children or Caring for Culture Warriors

The Committee on the Rights of the Child is correct to voice concern over sexual abuse. It should also work to protect the most basic right of a child: the right to live. Sr. MARY ANN WALSH
Mary Ann Walsh

THE UN AND THE VATICAN/ Ivereigh: Understanding what went wrong

AUSTEN IVEREIGH, Catholic Voices, analyses the reactions in the Catholic world to the controversial Report which the UN committee on children’s rights recently issued on the Holy See
Austen Ivereigh

LIFE/ A Lesson From the Father in the Elevator and the Grocery Store

An encounter in an elevator in a fitness center and one discovers- more than once – that our life has got to be more than rushing from one place to another. By ALLISON SALERNO
Allison Salerno

HUMANAE VITAE/ Teaching the truth about marital love

The Church's teaching on human sexuality is part of a greater whole, but it seems that not many of the faithful have had their consciences well-formed by sound teaching. By SCOTT DODGE
Scott Dodge

ENCOUNTERS/ The dignity of the person and avoiding the straw man fallacy

Brother LEVEN HARTON, Benedictine monk, highlights how employing a straw man is not just a problem for philosophers, but is an ever-present temptation in everyday encounters as well
Leven Harton
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