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Minacce di morte per la "ballerina musulmana"/ Video, la ragazza twerka con l'hijab

Minacce di morte per la "ballerina musulmana"! Ragazza balla il twerk con l'hijab e il video diventa virale e scatena la dura reazione della comunità musulmana

ENCYCLICAL/ Cardinal Pell backs Laudato Si’ (but you may not guess it from the headlines)

In his remarks about Laudato Si’, Cardinal Pell merely expresses caution about the idea of canonizing a scientific opinion but without criticism of the encyclical. By AUSTEN IVEREIGH

DEBATE/ Does Islamic Theology Matter When Conflict Is (Mostly) Political?

The theological questions of tolerance and intolerance remain vitally important for Muslims. even when secular factors are core components of today’s “mess” of violence By JENNIFER BRYSON

CELEBRATIONS/ Philpott:Dignitatis Humanae at 50

This coming December, a major conference in Rome will commemorate Dignitatis Humanae by looking at how Christian communities around the world respond to persecution. By DANIEL PHILPOTT

DANTE'S BIRTHDAY/ Dcn. Dodge on the Divine Comedy

Deacon SCOTT DODGE points out how the Divine Comedy has still a lot to say to a lot of us, especially now, when the transcendent dimension of our humanity is under such violent assault

DAWSON ON NEWMAN/ Webster Bull: Just the Thing to Give Me Courage

Christopher Dawson’s The Spirit of the Oxford Movement is a good start for a better understanding of Newman, the Oxford Movement and their struggle against secularism. By WEBSTER BULL

BALTIMORE AND MILAN/ Fr. Nagle: Angry young men. Why?

It is so easy to destroy and to find a pretext for expressing an uncontainable rage. But it takes a mature humanity, full of hopeful and laborious suffering to build.. By Fr. VINCENT NAGLE

RELIGIOUS FREEDOM/ Need for “Sufficiently Profound Responses” to Religion-Related Violence

In his 2015 report, Heiner Bielefeltd, UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion or Belief, focuses on “Preventing violence committed in the name of religion.” By JENNIFER BRYSON

CATHOLICISM/ Tollefsen: God, Death, and Capital Punishment

It is philosophically and theologically defensible for Catholics to believe that the death penalty is intrinsically wrong. A debate on capital punishment. By CHRISTOPHER TOLLRFSEN


Sexual orientation and gender identity are conceptually different from race, and ENDA threatens basic First Amendment rights, creating new, subjective protected classes. By RYAN ANDERSON

TRUE PARADOX/ Abp. Chaput: Breaking Down the Barriers to Faith

Christianity hasn’t been considered and found untenable. It’s presumed unreasonable and left unconsidered. “True paradox”, a book by David Skeels. By Abp. CHARLES CHAPUT

RELIGIOUS FREEDOM/ Fr. Araujo: Indiana’s RFRA Act

The Indiana’s RFRA Act does not impose on the non-believer or someone who adheres to some other faith. It protects the claimant who is exercising a Constitutional right. By Fr. ROBERT ARAUJO

DAWSON/ The Formation of Christendom: Deeper into History

The reading of Christopher Dawson’s “The Formation of Christendom” leads WEBSTER BULL to some meaningful musings on the relevance of history in Christianity, particularly in Catholicism

COPTIC BISHOP/ Forgiving Isis

Coptic Bishop Angaelos says a Christians must forgive , even the killers from Isis and calls for united efforts on behalf of Christians and all those who are persecuted. By DANIEL PHILPOTT

Fr.GIUSSANI/ From the U.S. in the tenth anniversary of his death

In the tenth anniversary of the death of Fr. Luigi Giussani, ELIZABETH PERALTA recounts from the US what he and CL, the movement he founded, have meant for her faith and her life

TECHNOLOGY AND MORALITY/ Fr. Nagle: Life is a preference for reality as it is given to us

A new morality, which seems at times so far from reality, is born of fear, a fear and rejection of things that are given, that do not have their origins in us. By Fr. VINCENT NAGLE

CHARLIE HEBDO/ Ivereigh: David Cameron’s missed opportunity to agree with Pope Francis

David Cameron may not, contrary to reports, have disagreed with the Pope on the tragic events in Paris. But he anyway missed a terrific opportunity to agree with him. By AUSTEN IVEREIGH

CHARLIE HEBDO/ Winters: Perpetrators & Victims, Humans All

MICHAEL SEAN WINTERS comments on the tragic events in Paris, the words of pope Francis and invites us to think over the dehumanization that killed them all, perpetrators and victims

NEW YORK ENCOUNTER 2015/ AVSI: ,“Generating Beauty: New Beginnings at the Ends of the World”

AVSI-USA will be present at New York Encounter with a booth hosted by staff and friends to answer questions and help communicate first-hand about AVSI's projects around the world

NEW YORK ENCOUNTER 2015/ American Saints on Display

An exhibit exploring the lives of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton and St. Frances Xavier Cabrini, will be on display at New York Encounter 2015, January 16-19. By BARBARA GAGLIOTTI
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