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FAO/ Hunger is not everything

Da Silva, new director of the FAO   (photo ANSA) Da Silva, new director of the FAO (photo ANSA)

The last challenge is at the level of culture: to have the courage to admit that food security is an illusion; it is a guarantee that no nation in history has ever been able to have or give, because food and power production are the fruits of free labor and not of the mechanisms that guarantee them. Production is the result of a certainty about life and its meaning. Food security and safety—ensuring access to food which is adequate in both quantity and quality—cannot exist without the certainty that reality is given to us, albeit in a way we do not control, but in a way that is characterized by the love of a God who became man.

It is this conviction that drives the farmer to plant trees that will bear fruit in the long term, maybe after his lifetime. Only this certainty opens him to see the impact that his work has on a reality that can be shaped but not dominated by him, and to extend his gaze beyond his own generation, full of hope for the future of the human family. Perhaps it is precisely this that we wish the new director of FAO: a certainty in the harmony of creation, in the creative freedom of the human person, and in the rich tradition that has emerged where these two realities meet.


(Translation by Kristin Kennalley)

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