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EUROPEAN SEMESTER/ A contribution against poverty by enterprises

August Fri 01, 2014

From AVSI Foundation From AVSI Foundation

During the Informal Meeting of Development Ministers of the European Union held on July 15th at Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, Tuscany, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Lapo Pistelli has promised to share a new document on issues of the post-2015 (Millenium Development Goals) at the end of the semester. The debate included issues on nutrition, the role of immigration in order to create development, Expo 2015 and the role of the private sector in the fight against poverty.

In developing countries, nine out of ten jobs come from profit enterprises that play an essential role in the fight against poverty. But in order to benefit the whole society involvement of non-profit organizations is necessary, as witnessed by AVSI who presented its successful experiences at the Meeting in Florence.

A debate on nutrition

On July 14th, the day before the meeting, AVSI also participated in one of the major events about another great main pillar of the future European policies: nutrition. The event which was also held in Florence, promoted by the platform called “Concord Italy” in the context of the European summit on development.

The role of the private sector

The economic support provided by private sector comes in the form of local and microenterprise industry development. It is also important to note the involvement of private non-profit organizations among the development actors in order for it to be effective and inclusive. After ten years since the last formal stance, Europe raises the importance of the private sector’s role in the global fight against poverty due to its capacity to offer 90% of jobs in developing countries. An impossible fact to ignore, which the ministers for the Development of the EU, the biggest international donor, will have to take into account during the European Semester under Italian leadership.

The private sector, with the resources and the expertise on its side, has a key role to play. However, involvement of non-profit organizations is necessary in order to extend benefits to whole society. The private profit enterprises have resources and expertise that can support the know-how of NGOs active in the area. These help with the deep knowledge of local communities and context necessary to devise interventions, according to an inclusive approach. The field work of AVSI shows how the improvement of the performance of enterprises and how these partnerships are a real opportunity for society’s development.

The experience of AVSI with the enterprises

With Arvore da Vida in Brazil

The experience of Árvore da Vida in Brazil is a positive example of integrated partnership between reality-profit, non-profit, institutional and local actors, able to develop and create a shared value for an entire community. It was presented by the Secretary General of AVSI, Giampaolo Silvestri, to the Development Ministers of the 28 European Union countries as part of the informal meeting on the issues of cooperation organized by Italy in Florence.

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