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Articles in Economics & Finance


SHALE OIL/ A new era in U.S. energy and in the rest of the world?

On September 30th the first unrestricted export of American oil to a country outside of North America left the port of Galveston loaded with 400,000 barrels of crude oil. By ANNA ALEMANI
Anna Alemani

EMO MILANO 2015/ The debut on the international scene of the global exhibition dedicated to ...

EMO MILANO 2015, the global exhibition dedicated to the metal working industry which is going to be held at Fieramilano from October 5 - 10, made its debut on the international scene

MARKET/ Reciprocity: A foundation of financial economics

Dr TIM JOHNSON outlines the lessons maths can teach us about ethics and finance, particularly about reciprocity in pursuit of social cohesion instead of a focus on profit maximisation
Tim Johnson

ENERGY/ We Need a Stronger Carbon Price to Justify Shale

Professor SAMUEL FANKHAUSER examines the policy measures needed to ensure shale gas extraction is commensurate with our wider climate change objectives, compared with natural gas and coal
Samuel Fankhauser

EUROPEAN SEMESTER/ A contribution against poverty by enterprises

Profit enterprises play an essential role in the fight against poverty. But in order to benefit the whole society involvement of non-profit organizations is necessary, as witnessed by AVSI

EMO MILANO 2015/ Let’s Build the Future

The 2015 edition of EMO, the world machine tool exhibition promoted by CECIMO, will take place from the 5th to the 10th of October at the prestigious exhibition centre of fieramilano

UK/ Re-evaluating the Greenbelt will deliver more homes

CHRISTINE WHITEHEAD, Professor at LSE, sets forth her recommendations for Greenbelt land use to expand housing supply and to avoid lower standards of living and higher housing costs
Christine Whitehead

MONETARY POLICY/ Miller (Iowa University): Just Inflation

A correct understanding of monetary policy is one of the most pressing, and least fulfilled, needs as the world becomes more complex. By ROBERT MILLER
Robert Miller

INEQUALITY/ Capital (and income) in the 21st century

Reducing income inequality encourages economic growth. The first step to cutting income inequality is to break the link between shareholder value and executive pay. By SIMON CAULKIN
Simon Caulkin

TAX/ Peter Kelly (Unity Trust Bank): The last corporate taboo?

After the launch of Fair Tax Mark, PETER KELLY, Unity Trust Bank, reflects on the increasing financial and reputational risk that companies are likely to face about their tax arrangements
Peter Kelly

CRISIS/ Lorenz Wagner (Süddeutsche Zeitung): Don’t crow over a victory

In this interview LORENZ WAGNER, Süddeutsche Zeitung, highlights how a new financial crisis is still possible, because no measure has been adopted to clear up the problems at their root
Lorenz Wagner

FINANCE/ Banks have a responsibility to lend to deprived communities

PETER KELLY, Unity Trust Bank, calls for a Community Reinvestment Act to drive much needed investment into under-served markets to promote enterprise, jobs and social cohesion
Peter Kelly

EMO MILANO 2015/ The most important event dedicated to industrial machinery

In this interview with ilsussidiario.net , PIER LUIGI STREPARAVA, General commissioner of EMO MILANO 2015, describes in detail this most important event dedicated to industrial machinery

CAPITALISM/ On Economic Myths

The idea that maximizing shareholder value is the essential task of any corporation has replaced the understanding that there is a duty to serve all stakeholders. By MICHAEL SEAN WINTERS
Michael Sean Winters

UCIMU/ Machine tool index of orders

Machine tool orders rose in the fourth quarter, 2013 (+ 4.1%) but yearly average figures stay negative (- 3.2%). By UCIMU, the association of Italian manufacturers of machine tools

CAPITALISM/ Why Max Weber Was Wrong

According to SAMUEL GREGG, the association of Protestantism with capitalism, famously articulated by Max Weber, is theologically dubious, empirically disprovable, and largely incidental
Samuel Gregg

LIVING WAGE/ Making sure work pays

Poverty is costly for the Government. The Living Wage would insure greater financial independence for those on low pay and provide them with greater incentives to work. By LORENA PAPAMANCI
Lorena Papamanci

ECONOMY/ Pre-Regulation: Removing the need for regulators and state regulation

The regulation of organisations and markets is a costly affair, and not always absolutely necessary. Pre-regulation can represent a better solution for economy. By ADAM WILDMAN
Adam Wildman

MACHINE TOOL INDUSTRY/ The EMO metal working trade show’s organization confirmed until 2027

A press release by the European Association of the Machine Tool Industry (CECIMO) confirm the organization of the EMO trade show, after the 2015 Milano edition till 2027, again in Milan

EXHIBITIONS/ Expo, Emo e Itma: And Milan will become the worldwide centre of attention

ALFREDO MARIOTTI, General Manager of Ucimu, the Italian machine tools manufacturers’ association, comments on three relevant exhibitions that will take place in Milan in Autumn 2015
Alfredo Mariotti
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