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CATHOLIC SCHOOLS/ Philadelphia: "A Challenging Day For All of Us"

Independence Hall in Philadelphia Independence Hall in Philadelphia

The Blue Ribbon Commission has provided a blueprint, not only to stabilize Catholic education in our Archdiocese, but to reinvigorate it. To achieve this, the plan makes some hard but necessary decisions. The Commission has recommended an ambitious restructuring plan designed to improve enrollment, while enhancing educational programs to ensure that the Archdiocese continues to deliver a high-quality Catholic education and faith formation for our area youth in the 21st century....

The Archdiocese of Philadelphia is committed to the Catholic faithful and the wider community we serve, and the move to reinvigorate our schools plays a vital role in that process. Please support our efforts to implement this plan, which ensures that affordable, high quality Catholic education will continue

In a significant gesture intended to show that no one side of the church would be made to sacrifice alone, last week word emerged that Chaput will sell the Cardinal's Residence and its nine-acre grounds on City Line Avenue, which has been his predecessors' home for the last 75 years.


First appeared in Whispers in the Loggia.

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