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Articles in Education & Schooling


CONCORSO SCUOLA 2016/ News: Giannini: "Sarà selettivo ma equilibrato" (ultime notizie live, ...

Concorso scuola 2016, news. Il M5S replica all'annuncio del premier Renzi che ha ammesso "qualche pasticcio": "Renzi ammette gli errori troppo tardi. La riforma è da rinviare" 

MOBILITA' SCUOLA 2016/ News, sindacati in piazza per difendere i precari (ultime notizie oggi, ...

Mobilità scuola 2016, news. La Cgil interviene sulle polemiche sulla trattativa per la stesura del nuovo Contratto Collettivo Nazionale Integrativo Scuola: "E' una tutela per i diritti"

MEXICO/ AVSI: The challenge of education in Oaxaca with the Ibero-American University

New teacher training facilities set up in a difficult educational context like Oaxaca in Mexico, thanks to a project implemented by AVSI, Crecemos Dijo and the Ibero-American University

TIMOTHY SHRIVER/ Lessons in the Backyard

Timothy Shriver's new book “Fully Alive: Discovering What Matters Most” is a reflection on his experience of people with disabilities and what we can learn from this. By BARBARA GAGLIOTTI

ST KIZITO/ The value of a vocational school in the slum

St. Kizito school, born in ‘94 in Nairobi was the answer to a request of Cardinal Otunga, who wanted to give young people of Kenya slums an opportunity to stay away from violence. By AVSI

LIFE/ Take Your Pick: Banquet, Quest, or Pilgrimage

WEBSTER BULL, founder of Memoirs Unlimited, Inc, has been working on his memoir for two years. Here is his report on the lesson he delivered to a group of high school English students

NOTRE DAME/ Winters: Alliance for Catholic Education

MICHAEL SEAN WINTERS describes the work Notre Dame’s Alliance for Catholic Education, which is focused on three areas: teaching and learning, executive management, and Catholic identity

SCHOOL/ Review: "Lost Classroom, Lost Community"

In their book Margaret Brinig and Nicole Stelle Garnett underline the positive effect Catholic schools have on the social capital of the neighborhoods they serve. By MICHAEL SEAN WINTERS

UNIVERSITY/ Student loans are turning up the heat on the economy

ResPublica's JESSICA TREVELLICK highlights the damage to the economy and individuals of overbearing student debt, and some possible solutions on the basis of the UK and the US experiences

SECULARISM/ Garnett: School vouchers, intolerance, and justice

It will be an increasingly difficult political and legal fight to preserve Catholic institutions' ability and freedom to be, if they want to be, Catholic institutions. By RICHARD GARNETT

U.S./ Catholic Education Ad Campaign in the Empire State Strikes Back

An ad campaign in the Empire State has Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York and a handful of Catholic school kids, addressing Governor Andrew Cuomo directly. By Sr. MARY ANN WALSH

EDUCATION/ Fr. Silanos: The highest form of love

Education is the most concrete and fruitful form of love. Every single educational work is the imitation of the work of God, the archetype of every educator. By Fr. EMMANUELE SILANOS

TEACHING/ Odysseus' Lack of Contrition and a Class Full of Disapproving Teens

One would think today's teenagers are unfazed by adultery. Yet the students of a high school class were outraged by Odysseus' infidelities to his loyal wife. By ALLISON SALERNO

EDUCATION/ Stanford, Marriage and Abortion Controversies, and the Mission of a University

JENNIFER BRYSON underlines that trying to silence others because one fears what they might say is no way to learn. And it is no way for a university to be a university

UK/ Student debt: Abandon all hope?

MICHELLE HIGHMAN, Chief Executive of The Money Charity, highlights the need for a better financial education of young people becoming students and having to manage a university loan

NY ENCOUNTER 2014 / Lost: A post-Newtown discussion on education as building relationships

Schools, with families, are the only institutions charged with preparing kids for society, and building relationships is key. But teachers are not taught to this task. By SHARON MOLLERUS

EDUCATION/ Learning Lessons from Church Schools

MATTHEW GROVES describes as the Church's involvement in the state education system can be an example for other areas of public service to the benefit of the entire society

EDUCATION/ School Reformers Can't Destroy the Longing to Learn

The understanding that the best educators teach children not just facts, but also their value and how it finds a place in their souls is essential for any school reform. By ALLISON SALERNO

SCHOOLS/ With 'ACE,' Catholic education has a good thing going

MICHAEL SEAN WINTERS describes the efforts by the University of Notre Dame’s Alliance for Catholic Education which have prevented the closure of several Catholic schools in the USA

SCHOOL/ Tollefsen: Allison Benedikt's Immodest Proposal

A rant against private schools should teach all of us something about the purposes of education, and what responsible parents should seek for their children. By CHRISTOPHER TOLLEFSEN
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