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FAMINE/ The hunger that is devouring the Horn of Africa

(photo ANSA) (photo ANSA)

In a piece from the beginning of July, the newspaper La Stampa reminded us that “at the recent G20 on Agriculture, in France, the proposals for blocking land grabbing (the hoarding of land in developing countries by companies of governments of the rich world), controlling biofuels, and for using stocks of food to contain the volatility in agricultural markets, were largely set aside”. We hope that this humanitarian crisis will be an occasion to rethink those possibilities.

For the AVSI workers, behind those numbers there are people with names, courageous but exhausted mothers, fathers who are unable to provide for their children, children who will not grow up. Continuing with their work, they respond to the appeal by Benedict XVI, activating a campaign to contribute to helping the people arriving at Dadaab, adhering to the call of (Italian Agency for Emergency Response)

“Dear Friends, AVSI is adhering to the call from AGIRE”, Alberto Piatti, the Secretary General of AVSI, underlines, “We are present in the area hit by the drought , in particular in the refugee camp od Dadaab, Kenya. The camps hosts Somali refugees from the endemic conflicts in the country. We guarantee education in collaboration with UNHCR, The UN Refugee Agency, and the Cooperation for Development of the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs. The news coming from the camp is alarming. 30,000 people arrive each month. To give you a visual dimension, in three months a mid-sized Italian city, like Monza or Avellino, has been created. We ask you to join the call to help confront this human tragedy”.

The AVSI Foundation has been working in Kenya since 1986, in the socio-educative and migration spheres. From the beginning, AVSI has favored the development of local communities through the promotion of partnerships at all levels. They have activities in 11 districts in the 4 main provinces of Kenya (Rift Valley, Nairobi, Central and Eastern) and collaborate with 22 local partners. Since 2009, on the request of the UNHCR and the Italian Cooperation, AVSI has been implementing an educational intervention in Dadaab.


(Maria Bond)

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