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HORN OF AFRICA/ 2. Maria (AVSI): not even hunger can extinguish the dignity of men

(photo ANSA) (photo ANSA)

Habiba Bulle, instead, has been in the camp a little less than a month. She told me about the herd of goats she had in Somalia, in Gedoo. The draught destroyed her livestock, leaving her without everything. Thus, after the death of her husband, she walked with her children towards Dadaab, escaping from the war and the al-shabaab, an Islamist insurrectionist group that is active in Somalia and creates problems for the population. Her trip took six days from the border to the refugee camp. When she arrived, she was received by the Community Leader, who helped her find a place to stay. She is not working in the camp and she continues to repeat that God will give her food every day.


A little more than a week has passed since the appeal from the Pope for the crisis of drought in Eastern Africa. In the meantime, the UN also declared it an emergency and the Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon said that “we need international mobilization in favor of the Horn of Africa”. It is true. We are in a difficult situation that calls for a large effort from public opinion in the world. But we also need a new way, a more human way, to look at these tens of thousands of faces that crowd the gates of the camp every day. To not allow the hunger and thirst to erase that glimmer of dignity that still shines in their eyes. The same dignity that pushes Kalar to get up every morning to help those that, like him a year ago, arrive with nothing.  

To confront the crisis, AVSI is answering the call of AGIRE (www.agire.it), the Italian Emergency Response Agency, to collect additional resources.



(Maria Li Gobbi, translation Maria Bond)

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