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HORN OF AFRICA/ 4. Maria (AVSI): “These kids need a place where they can laugh and play like all the children of the world “

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The scholastic structures are inadequate to the demand. There are often 120 students in a class. 120! This is why we have to keep moving forward. And we must be patient. It will take a long time. But we should not be discouraged. In a state of emergency, education is not considered an immediate need, certainly not compared with food, water and health.

Sometimes, here, immersed in this sea of wide eyes that ask for everything, one asks oneself if the people far from these eyes realize how important a school is as a friendly reference point for a child, a protected place where they can do interesting things and things constructive for their growth.

The journey, the dangers faced and the atrocities seen. Hunger, thirst, exhaustion. Leaving one’s house, one’s friends, relatives, one’s stability and one’s life. All of this is already tremendously difficult for an adult, but for a child? For a child, it could change the course of his life. These kids need a stable place to be. A place for them, where they can recognize each other and no longer be afraid of fate, of travelling, of ferocious beasts and of war. Where they can laugh and play like all the children of the world.

Here in the camp, the preferred pastime of children is to follow the cars that pass by, covering themselves in the dust raised by the car from head to toe. When you are driving the car, you cannot help asking yourself about the absurdity of this situation. But when you stop and open your window, a cloud of dusty and laughing faces surrounds you and opens your heart. And asks you in a singsong “How are you?” “How are you?”.


(Maria Li Gobbi – AVSI)

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