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RIMINI MEETING/ Man and the infinite, today

By Nature, Man is Relation to the Infinite: This is the title of the 33rd Meeting of Rimini, that has already been presented in several countries, and that will start on August 19

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“Culture is the most powerful means to make people meet.” This statement is by Ivan Caracalla, director of the Caracalla Dance Theatre, protagonist of the 2012 inaugural show of the Rimini Meeting. And it is true. It is true in the history of the Lebanese company that continued to make shows even during the bloody civil war. It is true in the experience of the Meeting, which this year was in the Netherlands, Russia, Lebanon, and Serbia and finally in Rome at Italian Embassy to the Holy See, meeting men, people with a desire to know, with a curiosity toward the tradition and culture of the other.

Why do these unforeseen events and encounters continue to happen? How is it possible that after thirty years this reality can continue to generate encounters with men from all over the world? How is it possible to bring an exhibit on the Shingon Buddhist tradition, prepare with the Cairo Meeting group the 2012 edition, bringing to Rimini the president of the General Assembly of the United Nations, bringing together at the same table Christians and Muslims to talk about rights, religious freedom, politics, and desire?

It is possible because the goal of the Meeting has never been about hegemony in a specific cultural area or a division or separation from the issues and urgencies our times. The goal of the Meeting has always been that of documenting its own provocations with stories, experiences, and faces, something that can be physically touched. And so, once again this year, the challenge is this: to document, to witness that we can be true men in any circumstance, men who live their relationship with the infinite, irreducible to any power, free, creative, and generators of a people always on a journey.

During such difficult times as the ones in which we are living, knowing from where we can begin again is essential. The adversities of our economic, social, and natural circumstances force us to ask whether our lives depend only on what happens or whether there is a solid starting point. The relationship with the infinite, religiosity is not a sentimental question, a consolatory cure to the ills of life, but rather the beginning of a journey to knowledge and judgment of oneself and reality.

This relationship imposes the condition of a drama, a search, a path to walk together, each according to the road that reality will indicate to him, free because only the relationship with the infinite provides the basis for man’s right to freedom opening the horizon to a paradoxical evidence: that man is free in as much as he affirms a unique dependence, that from the Mystery from which all things originate.

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