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TENTS/ When help is needed from Staten Island to Syria

AVSI-USA reports on the current “Tents” campaign, which is focused on supporting the families damaged by hurricane Sandy on Staten Island, and the thousands of victims of violence in Syria

Staten Island after hurricane Sandy (Avsi-Usa) Staten Island after hurricane Sandy (Avsi-Usa)

At the end of each year, AVSI-USA participates with AVSI throughout¬¬ the world in the “Tents” campaign. In a gesture of solidarity, thousands of friends participate each year by donating or planning small events, concerts or booths to raise money and awareness to support select AVSI projects throughout the world.

This year, we see the opportunity to share a need very close to home, among many of our friends or family in New York who have lost possessions, homes or employment due to superstorm Sandy. We have also chosen to support the thousands of victims of ongoing violence in Syria, reminded of the urgency of their situation by many international agencies and by the messages of Pope Benedict XVI, who has invoked the help of the international community.

For the current campaign, funds will go to the following projects we have identified in need of support: Staten Island after Sandy and Syrian Refugees in Lebanon.

Helping families on Staten Island after Sandy

Over 4 feet of water streamed in under the door, soaking through furniture and infrastructure. Now the house (pictured to the left and below) is gutted, waiting for repairs as the family continues life in temporary housing where they have been over 5 weeks now. Another family faces a tough decision whether to demolish or try to rebuild their home that barely passed inspection, as future income is uncertain and insurance cannot cover all the repairs, the two family cars submerged, not to mention daily necessities and belongings that were lost. These are just two examples of the hundreds of families struggling to recover on Staten Island, one of the areas of New York hit hardest by Superstorm Sandy. AVSI-USA is partnering with the Church of St. Clare, whose volunteer relief team is answering the needs of over 100 families in their neighborhood and those closeby.

Neighbors are reaching out to help each other, but when an entire neighborhood has lost everything, an extra hand is needed.

You can give today through AVSI-USA, and your donation will be directly disbursed to families based on needs assessments carried out through outreach visits, helping to provide for immediate needs such as food, warm clothing, diapers, hygiene and medical supplies, as well long-term assistance for those who have lost everything.