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AVSI/ Sustainable Development and Mining Companies in Peru

Milpo Mine (Avsi) Milpo Mine (Avsi)

Andrés’emerging interest for his territory

Andrés Palomino Quispe is a 17-year-old boy of Marcocancha, an area of the district of Chavín, who attends the only available high school of the district. He took part in the field activities organized by AVSI and MILPO to collect information for the study. Together with other 15 young people, he was trained in handling the necessary tools for the study such as GPS, maps, compass.

This experience awakened his interest in learning more about specialized agricultural work and lead the Human and Social Development Head of the Municipality, Ms. María Antonia Dávila, to promote technical training on agricultural and forestry issues among the youth of the District in order to allow them to become lead players of the community development.

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