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EXPO 2015 / AVSI: Culture and food are inseparable

At the EXPO Milan 2015 AVSI Foundation has chosen the language of culture to make the benefits of food nourishment, value-addition, food supply and energy for the planet come alive

From Avsi Foundation From Avsi Foundation

AVSI Foundation together with Ndere Troupe, a multi-award winning cultural performance company, is partnering with Uganda Export Promotion Board to promote strong messages for a dignified planet at the EXPO Milan 2015. Culture and food are inseparable; which is why we have chosen to use the language of culture to make the benefits of food nourishment, value-addition, food supply and energy for the planet come alive.

Join us to reflect on food production through a cultural lens:

Coffee from the Pearl of Africa

Popular for its distinct aroma and taste, up to 3.8 million bags of this coffee from the hills of Uganda reaches the European Union, Asia and North Africa. Coffee is the number one export cash crop and the potential for increase in productivity and earnings right from the household level is promising. #It is a timely opportunity to engage communities in adding value to their crop and tapping into profitable markets.

The Women

Ugandan women like many others in the world; contribute the most to feeding their nations yet lag behind in earnings, training, use of improved technologies, decision making and access to profitable markets.

#Begin the conversation on a global culture shift that promotes diversification.

The Technology

Equipped with the right technology, many small holder farmers will be enabled to improve their yields, add value to their produce, reduce the time spent in the field and ultimately earn more in the market.

#Learn how simple techniques can make a difference for farmers.

The Ethics

Good agricultural practices are great for increasing productivity, preserving the earth to continue feeding its inhabitants. Culture is an important instructor of social ethics and can promote ethical practices for a healthier planet.

#Share your experience.

The Food

Culture teaches us what to eat, and can play an immense role in helping households learn proper ways to utilize the foods already available to create affordable nutritious meals for homes.

# Ignite a culture that promotes food and nutrition.

Our commitment

“As friends of the environment, we are committed to innovative and strategic ways of feeding the planet and ensuring sustainable development in agriculture. This is part of the global consensus that if we focus on these two priorities we will enable households improve their nutrition as well as the quality and volume of the food produced; inculcate ethical and sustainable agricultural practices that conserve the environment; promote an inclusive culture for women and other marginalized groups; and through innovative technologies, enable more farmers to enhance the value of their produce and connect capably to vibrant markets. We hold the strong conviction that now, more than ever before we have a chance to make real progress in enabling access to food for all”.

John Makoha, AVSI Foundation Country Representative – Uganda.

From AVSI Foundation

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