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EXPO 2015 / AVSI: Culture and food are inseparable

At the EXPO Milan 2015 AVSI Foundation has chosen the language of culture to make the benefits of food nourishment, value-addition, food supply and energy for the planet come alive

BURUNDI/ AVSI: Reopening of MEO Centre after political unrest

The education and nutritional center MEO (“Maman Enfants Orphelin”) in the neighborhood of Bujumbura closed due to the impossibility of ensuring the safety of workers and children. By AVSI

UGANDA/ AVSI: What We Learned from Rose Busingye

In March, AVSI-USA hosted in Washington, DC Rose Busingye, Executive Director of Meeting Point International. Rose’s life and work has taught us so many things over the past years


Burundi is facing political and social unrest, whilst it is still in recovery from civil war, in a region where ethnic tensions have threatened peaceful development for decades. By AVSI

SAUDI ARABIA/ Update on Raif Badawi

An update on the situation of Raif Badawi, the Saudi blogger sentenced to a thousand lashes for his criticism of the political and religious establishment in his country. By DANIEL MARK

REPUBLIC OF CONGO/ AVSI: #ChildrenofPeace , education and pre-school access to ...

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, a project by the EU Children of Peace initiative and AVSI provides primary education and pre-school access to thousands of conflict-affected children

IRAQ/ AVSI: The refugee crisis. The stories from Erbil

In Iraqi Kurdistan, AVSI is working together with Caritas and Patriarcato Caldeo to help the many who are fleeing from war zones. A report by GIAMPAOLO SILVESTRI, secretary general of AVSI

FERGUSON/ The Long Term Effects of Slavery, Poverty, and Racism

The latest escalation of racial tension in Missouri was the result of generations of harassment, control, and racially motivated force imposed on the African Americans. By MICHAEL EPPLER

LEBANON/ AVSI: Students graduate from EU supported agricultural course

One hundred and twenty Lebanese and Syrian students received their certificates after completing the first course for agricultural workers in Lebanon, a project by the EU and AVSI

HAITI/ AVSI: Five years after the earthquake. Alongside people to reconstruct the human

After five years since the disaster has brought Haiti to its knees, AVSI continues its commitment to the “reconstruction of the human”. But, important challenges still remain to be tackled

REFUGEES/ AVSI: Migration in the Middle East, facing the emergency

Because of the ongoing conflict in Syria and in Iraq the refugee emergency is getting worse every day and it involves further countries, like Lebanon. AVSI reports on this tragic situation

US/ The lesson of a South Sudan Priest in Rochester, Minnesota

Father John Lasuba with his presence has made a community in Minnesota discover the meaning of life in a “broken land” like South Sudan, his native country. By Fr. GERALD MAHON

AFRICA/ Winters: Fighting the Injustice of Land-Grabs

According to Africa Faith & Justice Network land –grab has become a new form of colonialism in many African countries and is seriously harming the local populations. By MICHAEL SEAN WINTERS

US/ Ferguson: A world in “black & white” and a deep sadness

RIRO MANISCALCO comments on the killing of Mike Brown in Ferguson and the decision of the Grand Jury not to addict the policeman who killed him, and on the lack of a real thirst for justice

SOUTH SUDAN/ AVSI Nutrition activities in Ikotos County

AVSI intervention in South Sudan where because of the war nearly a million people have been internally displaced and more than 345,000 have sought refuge in neighboring countries

UGANDA/ SCORE-Stanbic Bank partnership empowers women with financial literacy skills

The Stanbic Bank donation to AVSI Foundation is facilitating a 3 year financial literacy training program in Uganda aimed to improve household incomes through financial strengthening

R.I.P./ Message from Fr. Julián Carrón on the occasion of Msgr. Albacete’s return to the Father

Message from Fr. JULIÁN CARRÓN to the CL communities of the Unites States on the occasion of Monsignor Lorenzo Albacete’s return to the Father. Monsignor Albacete died on October 24, 2014

CHILDREN/ Ugandan Youth on Stage with AVSI at the World Bank

USAID and AVSI organized the workshop “Children’s Risk and Resilience in the Age of HIV/AIDS” to showcase research carried out on child development and the impact of HIV/AIDS

SYRIA/ The account of Custodian Pizzaballa after his visit to Aleppo

ATS Pro Terra Sancta reports on the visit Father PIERBATTISTA PIZZABALLA – Custodian of the Holy Land and president of the Association pro Terra Sancta – in the massacred city of Aleppo

RIMINI MEETING/ The Power of the Heart – Researchers of Truth: The Custos of the Holy Land

Fr PIERBATTISTA PIZZABALLA, Custos of the Holy Land and President of the Association pro Terra Sancta, took part in the Rimini Meeting where he talked on the situation in the Middle East
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