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IVORY COAST/ Living in the Midst of Conflict: The Experience and Method of AVSI

AVSI, along with the Commission of Justice and Peace in the Ivory Coast have created a manual in order to teach children about the importance of promoting peace after years of conflict

RWANDAN GENOCIDE/ AVSI: The escape of Aldo

Twenty years have passed since the terrible conflict in Rwanda, one of the most terrible examples of genocide. This is the testimony of Aldo, who at the time was a few months old

SOUTH SUDAN/ AVSI: More from the Diary of Anna Sambo

ANNA SAMBO, AVSI’s project coordinator in South Sudan, continues her reporting on the country, while gunshots keep going and the incoming rainy season will worsen the food scarcity
Anna Sambo

UKRAINE/ Voices from the Majdan

MARTA DELL’ASTA describes what really happened at Maidan, the square in Kiev which was the starting point of Ukrainian events, and how the Ukraine crisis can be a lesson for other countries
Marta Dell'Asta

SOUTH SUDAN/ AVSI: The Diary of Anna Sambo

The testimony of ANNA SAMBO, AVSI’s project coordinator in South Sudan, is a help to understand the difficult situation of that country, that ilsussidario.net is happy to republish
Anna Sambo

DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO/ AVSI: Children education in a refugee camp

In the Mugunga 3 camp, on the eastern border of the DRC with Rwanda, 2,635 children are currently enrolled in the various education programs financed by UNICEF and carried out by AVSI

EDUCATION/ Burundi’s faces on display at the United Nations Office in Geneva

An original, unusual exhibition: Ensemble’s images detect a path of hope among children’s eyes and women’s smiles giving a face to the dignity of the person. AVSI and FONDATION D’HARCOURT

SOUTH SUDAN/ AVSI: Why should one remain here?

An interview with Anna Sambo, AVSI Country Representative in South Sudan, and the analysis conducted by AVSI help the understanding of the extremely serious situation in South Sudan
Anna Sambo

HAITI/ 4 years after the earthquake: Cholera is spreading but there is hope called Ebens

Four years after the disastrous earthquake cholera is spreading in Haiti. AVSI team has since then been involved in fighting malnutrition and in rebuilding community structures
Fiammetta Cappellini

SYRIA/ Msgr. Shomali: There are three obstacles to a true peace

In this interview with ilsussidiario.net Msgr. WILLIAM SHOMALI, Auxiliary Bishop of Jerusalem, talks about Geneva 2, which remains the only hope to reach an agreement on peace in Syria
William Shomali

UKRAINE/ Olga Sedakova: the uprising in Kiev is a hope for Russia as well

In this interview to ilsussidiario.net, the Russian writer OLGA SEDAKOVA talks about the meaning of the ongoing uprising in the Ukraine and its possible consequences for Russia
Ol'ga Sedakova

PERSECUTED CHRISTIANS/ "We are being chased out of the Middle East: why are they afraid of ...

BACHAR AUBER is a Syrian Orthodox Christian who wants to stay in his country, despite the ongoing persecution against Christians. In an interview, here is what he told ilsussisidiario.net
Bachar Auber

NEW YORK ENCOUNTER/ The 2014 theme and the program of events

The 2014 New York Encounter, a three-day public cultural festival, will take place January 17-19 at the Hammerstein Ballroom of the Manhattan Center, NYC

AFRICAN DIARY / Fr. Gheddo: Muslim rebels are killing Christians village by village

Fr. PIERO GHEDDO, journalist and PIME missionary, reports on the situation in the Central African Republic, where the al-Qaeda guerrillas of Seleka continue to attack Christians
Piero Gheddo

SYRIA/ The reason why Islamists attacked the nuns in Maalula

In this interview SAMAAN DOUAD reports from Damascus on the conflict in the Christian village of Maalula and on the situation of the nuns taken hostage by the anti-government rebels
Samaan Douad

EAST JERUSALEM/ Avsi & Unicef: Child-Friend Inclusive Education program for two schools

AVSI and UNICEF started a project of inclusive education in two public schools in Jerusalem to make them places that give hospitality to students with learning difficulties

ABORTION / Brodie Donegan: The state wants to kill my daughter Zoe a second time

In this interview to ilsussidiario.net, BRODIE DONEGAN talks about her struggle to have her daughter Zoe, died in an accident before her birth, recognized as a human being by the law

HOLY LAND/ The Church of Gethsemane can once again be seen in all its splendor

After 18 months of works the Church of Gethsemane has recovered its former glory and it is open again for the 5,000 pilgrims who each day visit the Church of the Agony. From TERRASANCTA

SYRIA/"Where is the Christian Conscience?" Cries Syriac Archbishop After Massacre

According to Syriac Orthodox Metropolitan of Homs and Hama, the worst massacre of Christians in Syria since the beginning of the civil war took place last week at Sadad. By EDWARD PENTIN
Edward Pentin

DEATH PENALTY/ Attorney Pfister: William Happ was killed by the State, a useless "revenge"

In this interview, JEFFERY PFISTER, a prosecutor for the State of Florida who was Happ’s attorney in the first phase of the process, explains his own opposition to the death penalty
Jeffery Pfister
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