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CHRISTIANS/ Bloody Sunday in Kenya and Nigeria

LEO CAPOBIANCO, head of AVSI in Kenya on the situation in Central Africa, where the governments are attacking the al-Shabab militants and now they are striking back at innocent people.

BREIVIK/ Solholm (Norway Post): Not a crusader, but an outsider

The trial of Anders Breivik, the mass murderer who killed 77 people on July 22, has begun. ROLLEIV SOLHOLM, editor in chief of the Norway Post, comments on what this means for Norway.
Rolleiv Solholm

CYPRUS/ Bishop Christoforos stands up to the Turkish military

Italian Parliament member RENATO FARINA comments on a recent trip to Cyprus and on the story of Bishop Christoforos, who the Turkish military is not allowing to be with his flock on Easter. 
Renato Farina

VIA CRUCIS/ 17 years on the Brooklyn Bridge: following the cross never becomes a habit

RIRO MANISCALCO describes the Way of the Cross in New York City, where the numbers are impressive, but what really counts is the faith of those following the cross.
Riro Maniscalco

HOLY LAND/ Our Easter in Jerusalem, at the tomb of the resurrection

The Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, Monsignor Twal, celebrated Easter mass, in a time of great unrest in the Middle East, in front of the empty tomb of Christ. ANDREA AVVEDUTO comments. 
Andrea Avveduto

EASTER/ Rose (Uganda): I will tell you what it means to “rise again” in Kampala

ROSE BUSINGYE describes the Way of the Cross in Kampala, Uganda, and what Christ’s resurrection means for the people of Africa and everywhere around the world. 
Rose Busingye

VIA CRUCIS/ University student: Not false piety, but the concrete person of Christ

Way of the Cross in New York, in the heart of the noise and confusion of the city, testified to the fact of the death of Christ to all those who passed by. SOPHIE LEWIS describes the event. 

MONTREAL/ New Archbishop, “Engineer of Faith”

Monsignor Christian Lepine, expert on the themes of theology of the body and sexuality, was appointed the new Archbishop of Montreal. ANTONIO QUAGLIO comments.

INDIA/ Tourists kidnapped by Maoists

Director of Asianews BERNARDO CERVELLERA comments on the kidnapping of two Italians by tribal groups in India fighting with the government for their right to own land.
Bernardo Cervellera

UGANDA/ John (AVSI): This is our response to Joseph Kony

AVSI director in Uganda, JOHN MAKOHA comments on the viral video “Kony 2012”, on the current situation in the country, and on how they are helping the child soldiers.

FUKUSHIMA/ Saki Ito: Tokyo a year after the earthquake, still preparing for another one

SAKI ITO comments on the situation in Japan one year after the magnitude 9 earthquake hit, and calls on the government to do more to help the victims, who are still struggling.

SYRIA/ The Custos of the Holy Land’s appeal

Custodian of the Holy Land, PIERBATTISTA PIZZABALLA writes about the activities of the Franciscans in Syria, where violence threatens to tear the country apart.
Pierbattista Pizzaballa

SOCCER/ Rome: a cocktail of American bourbon and Italian wine

JOE TACOPINA, the Vice President of Rome’s soccer team, comments on the game in the USA and in Italy, the rise of American soccer, and the business end of it all.
Joseph Tacopina

NEW ZEALAND/ Bishop Jones: A year of earthquakes did not shake the faith of the people

BARRY JONES, Bishop of Christchurch, New Zealand, describes the situation in his diocese, where earthquakes have continued for more than a year and almost everything seems uncertain.
Barry Jones

HOLY LAND/ Is it up to children to bring Muslims and Christians together?

SERENA PICARIELLO reports from Jerusalem on the increased violence in the Holy Land and on a way to stop it, not starting from negotiations but from schools and shared experience.

RUSSIA/ The priests that break the ice

PAOLO SOTTOPIETRA describes his experience visiting the priests of the Saint Charles Borromeo Fraternity in Novosibirsk, Russia, where the cold threatens both body and soul.
Paolo Sottopietra

RUSSIA/ For or Against Putin? The hard work of reconstructing life

JEAN FRANCOIS THIRY describes the people and the atmosphere at the two demonstrations in Moscow on Saturday, one for and one against Putin and his government.
Jean François Thiry

INDIA/ Odanadi: We are children, we will conquer the world

MARIAN BULL writes about Odanadi, an organization in Mysore, India, that rescues and rehabilitates girls and boys affected by human trafficking and helps them lead free, independent lives
Marian Bull

INDIA/ Mysore: To market, to market!

Marian Bull describes being a tourist in a foreign country and walking through the Mysore market in India as the only white person there and with a camera and fanny pack.
Marian Bull

HAITI DIARY/ 16. This is how the earthquake changed our lives

Fiammetta Cappellini comments on the two year anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti that shattered so many lives and on the ongoing process of rebuilding, both physical and emotional.
Fiammetta Cappellini
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