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HOLY LAND/ Elderly people in Bethlehem

ATS pro Terra Sancta seeks to help meeting the needs of the elderly in the Holy Land, often left to their own devices by a social system that fails to provide adequate health care

GAZA/ Unfortunately a comprehensive solution seems still to be very far away

Father Pizzaballa’s statement on the situation in Gaza and the importance of the many small initiatives of dialogue and peace which show that the refusal of violence is still possible
Pierbattista Pizzaballa

GAZA/ The shelling has stopped. But what will remain?

Father VINCENT NAGLE comments on the current situation in Gaza, and how it is viewed by the Christians, who disapprove of violence but also feel the desperate nature of their position.
Vincent Nagle

GAZA STRIP/ Emergency for the Christian community

Within the very small Christian community in the Gaza Strip there is great fear and tension. The recount of the members of the Religious Family of the Incarnate Word who are in Gaza City

ISRAEL/ In Tel Aviv, under the stairs, the fear of a continual war

Israeli music teacher ARNON ZACK recounts his experience of the attack on Tel Aviv by Hamas, and talks about the effects that living in constant fear has on a person.

NEW JERSEY/ Back to Work After Hurricane Sandy: Signs of Recovery

ALLISON SALERNO describe the situation in her town in New Jersey and the difficulties which still have to be overcome. But the storm has created so many stories worth being recounted
Allison Salerno

HAITI/ Hurricane Sandy brought death and destruction here too, but no one pays attention to us

FIAMMETTA CAPPELLINI describes the situation in Haiti after Hurricane Sandy, what the volunteers are doing to help, and laments the lack of media coverage for the disaster there.
Fiammetta Cappellini

HURRICANE SANDY/ After the Storm: Grateful

ALLISON SALERNO reports from New Jersey, a state suffering “incalculable loss”, and she describes what is happening in her neighborhood, where people are coming together.
Allison Salerno

HURRICANE SANDY/ 7 text messages from New York tell the tale of the storm

RIRO MANISCALCO communicates with ilsussidiario.net during the deadly Hurricane Sandy, currently ripping through the East Coast, while sitting in the flickering light listening to the radio.
Riro Maniscalco

HURRICANE SANDY/ Waiting for a Storm: Unexpected Beauty

ALLISON SALERNO reports from New Jersey on the wait for Hurricane Sandy, the “Frankenstorm” set to arrive on the East Coast tonight, and the moments of beauty amid the anxiousness.
Allison Salerno

MEDCONFERENCE/ The core of the medical profession

On October 19, the 4th edition of the MedConference will begin. The organizers strongly desire to provide a yearly meeting place where health care professionals can come to dialogue

CALIFORNIA/ Magnificat Foundation hosts “Day of Faith” at Crystal Cathedral

The Magnificat Foundation will hold a “Day of Faith” to inaugurate the new Year of Faith announced by Pope Benedict XVI at the future Christ Cathedral in California.

HOLY LAND/ Magnificat: Music as a bridge between peoples

“Magnificat – Music in the Holy City“ reaches a new step forward with the opening of the new premises and brings together students from a number of music schools, from Italy to Sarajevo

SEPTEMBER 11/ Reflections of a Spouse

ALLISON SALERNO reflects on the terrible events of September 11, what she felt as the wife of someone in the towers at the time, and how their lives are going after 11 years.
Allison Salerno

RIMINI MEETING/ A Friendship seeking the Infinite

SHARON MOLLERUS describes this year’s Meeting in Rimini, the conferences and exhibits, and that friendship that unites people of all faiths and ethnicities in the search for the Infinite.
Sharon Mollerus

JERUSALEM/ In Gethsemane the restorers and mosaic workers of tomorrow are preparing themselves

Five Jerusalem kids are learning the art of restoration in an educational project taking place in Gethsemane, a project to preserve art in the Holy Land and to get kids involved.

PARAGUAY/ Dismissed President Lugo calls for a return to democracy

Paraguay’s Parliament voted almost unanimously to impeach President Fernando Lugo, who claims, supported by the international community, it was a coup and calls for a return to democracy.
Luciano Zanardini

ROME/ Amid Media Meltdown, The Vatican Goes Fox-Hunting

ROCCO PALMO comments on the news that the Vatican Secretariat of State hired Greg Burke, correspondent from Rome to Fox News as a senior communications advisor.
Rocco Palmo

RIMINI MEETING/ Man and the infinite, today

By Nature, Man is Relation to the Infinite: This is the title of the 33rd Meeting of Rimini, that has already been presented in several countries, and that will start on August 19
Emilia Guarnieri

HOLY LAND/ Bethlehem: Help for the Little Ones

Help for the Little Ones is a project to promote the personal and social growth of needy children and youth with no public medical assistance in the territory of the Palestinian Authority
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