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BLOND/ Some reflections on the killing of Gaddafi and the European Union

David Cameron and Nicolas Sarkozy argue about the euro  (photo ANSA) David Cameron and Nicolas Sarkozy argue about the euro (photo ANSA)

We have to uphold the Western project. Truth is universal, and therefore, it is just as true for Arabs as it is for Brits or Italians. How we realize the truth differs because situations differ historically and socially. What we have to do is endorse what we believe in. If we have these truths, then we must give other people the potential to share them, so there is only a conundrum if you come from a prior position that truth is relative and that our truth is not their truth.

In the occasion of Libya, there was an alliance between Cameron and Sarkozy. It seems to be at an end now, with the fight they had about the bailout of European banks. If it is true that Sarkozy said, “We are sick of you criticizing us and telling us what to do. You say you hate the euro, you didn’t want to join, and now you interfere in our meetings”, what is Cameron’s real stance towards the European Union?
I think that Cameron’s attitude towards the European Union is probably muted and circumspect, but his attitude positive interaction between European countries is very positive. He and Sarkozy can disagree on one thing but agree on another. Also, remember that the Chancellor has said that he wants Europe to follow its own logic and centralize and secure the euro area. That is the only logical position other than a breakup. In that sense, I agree with the Chancellor. I think that, in a number of ways, the Chancellor is not that far from where Sarkozy and Merkel want to go. I think it is very clear that it has got to be a centralized bailout.

It is clear about Cameron, but statements like the one by Theresa May on human rights or initiatives like the one by Mark Pritchard are not so friendly or logical toward the European Union. Is it true that there is sort of rebellion by at least 60 Tory MPs against Cameron because of his stance towards the EU?
Yes. We will see how many actually decide to rebel, but yes, there is a rebellion and it will probably be quite large. Many conservative MPs resent the loss of powers and sovereignty of the Parliamentary agency to Europe and, therefore, many feel that we need a new European settlement. European countries, on the whole, do not share that view. They view their sovereignty as increased by being pooled. I think that the truth is a mixture of both. I think that the Europe that we need is the Europe of subsidiarity. We need powers that can increase sovereignty for countries being dealt with on a master level and more powers that can ensure individual sovereignty is treated on an individual level.

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