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LIBYA / Vittadini: The true reasons for a misguided war

What is behind the war on Gaddafi? How does the West choose which regimes to bow to, and which to fight? Giorgio Vittadini comments on the true reasons behind war

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Beyond the suffering of a people under threat of gunfire, air strikes, bombardments, at this time the hypocrisy of Western governments is striking, under the pretext of international law which now seems ambiguous. The military operation in Libya is the logical expression of a neocolonial policy which now dominates the international dynamics of the West. The excuse is always a humanitarian intervention or the defense of peace in jeopardy. It began with Serbia in the 90s. With the justification of humanitarian intervention, Belgrade and Serbia were indiscriminately bombed, leading to the overthrow of Milosevic.

Arrested and tried for crimes against humanity at The Hague, he put attorney Carla del Ponte in a corner by demonstrating, in the light of international principles, that the reasons given for the action against his government had no legal basis. At that point, he died mysteriously in prison. Milosevic's was not an exemplary government with regard to the rights of his people, but he was democratically elected and his was not worse than other regimes (such as China) to which countries like France have bowed. Then it came to Saddam Hussein and the two Bush wars: the first for the invasion of Kuwait, the second for alleged possession of nuclear weapons. It turned out that Saddam did not possess any weapons of mass destruction. Only John Paul II and a few others, in fact, were against the war.

Many of our intellectuals praised the overwhelming interventionism of Condoleezza Rice which would finally put the Middle East in place, against the call to peace of Pope John Paul II. The outcome of military operations in both cases: before the eyes of everyone in the former Yugoslavia, it has not brought any stability and, indeed, the situation could ignite again at any moment, due to the creation of states with no tradition of independence, while Christians are being expelled by the new Muslim-dominated Bosnia; in the Middle East, the revival of terrorism continues unabated in Iraq, with the massacres of civilians, the persecution of Christians in many Muslim countries, the space unintentionally granted to the bloody Iranian regime, and the indirect aid to Al Qaeda ...