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US ELECTIONS/ Give me a reason to hope something can really change!

Votes solidify after the last presidential debate. RIRO MANISCALCO comments on the outlook of many Americans, still looking for change and fearing that it will not happen no matter who wins.

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Those who are on one side become more and more partisan. Those who are doubtful, too. Those who have chosen a side feel the earth burning under their feet because they start to seriously fear the “others” will win. Those who still have doubts always have more and more reasons to doubt. I have the distinct feeling that the more the candidates speak, the more this picture solidifies. I am neither a sociologist nor a guru of the polls, but as a common person, I see the common people grimacing.

Most of these “anxious” people already know very well how they will vote. They hoped to bring home a bit of peace of mind from the debates. They hoped to quell some of their fears, both the fear that the other candidate could win, but also the secret fear that maybe things are not as they seem. As if in their hearts, they say, “Come on, my candidate! Bring out your best and give me a reason to hope that something can really change!” They hope that the man for whom they vote can rinse it away that bitter flavor of concern and dissatisfaction which has shaped the daily lives of many. For them, the irrepressible need to hope for a miracle of change will lead to a vote. For many others it is not like this. Many continue to chase their American dream by asking politics to let them work and build, and they ask this by not voting.

Let's face it: if the Republicans had a “presentable” candidate, they would win.
Whatever comes out in the debates, whichever turns of phrase are used, whatever eloquence they use in supporting their positions, the Obama administration has done little and badly. American pragmatism exists. The American people are very moderately afflicted with the dullness of a party affiliation that makes them unable to see things for what they are. It is impossible not to see that the “great promise” that Obama represented four years ago has not been maintained. There is no need to blame a global economic crisis on the current President, but one might certainly allocate a range of socio-economic choices that have penalized just one category of person who seems to be the object of the most attention in this campaign: the small business. I say this with full knowledge of the facts, since I am, in fact, a small business owner.