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PALESTINE- ISRAEL/ UN recognition of Palestine as a way out of the violence

MARTA ZAKNOUN comments on the UN recognition of Palestine as a Non-Member, Observer State, news which has been received with elation by many, indignation by some, all around the world.

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The UN recognition of Palestine as a Non- Member state has been received with both indignation and elation across different countries in the World. It is impossible to miss the paramount implications of such an event. The Palestinian Authority and whomever supports it, have decided to take their battle for their rights and for their land to another level, a surely contested, but nonetheless a legal one, which restores this battle its dignity and legitimacy in the eyes of the international community.

This recognition represents the historical right of Palestinians to exist in a territory and to govern themselves. It is a preamble to the two-state solution and perhaps this is what Israel is most concerned about. The Israeli Prime Minister perceives the Palestinian step to be a “violation of agreements” and a threat to Israel. The Palestinians certainly did not wait for Israel’s approval of their move at the UN, but it is somewhat amusing that Netanyahu mentions an “agreement”.

The uneasiness of Israel with this decision is caused not only by the so- called violation, but most of all by the long term repercussions of this recognition, which if used to its fullest potential by the Palestinians, could actually bring on a true change.

Firstly, a change of mentality, as every Palestinian today should confront the choice between violence and diplomacy and ask himself what he hopes to achieve in the long term. This is a possibility for Palestinians to break out of and contest the image that depicts them as only being terrorists and offers them the possibility to adhere to the path of negotiations. It is an opportunity for Palestinians to support Abu- Mazen and follow a moderate and reasonable voice that promises a better future than the current situation brought on by extremist groups.

It is a possibility to construct a national consensus, leaving violence behind and focusing on defending the right of a State to exist, and the right of its people to live in dignity. Palestinians are now enabled to fight for their rights on the international scene, and at the same time, are also held more accountable for their acts, and so one hopes that with this milestone comes also a greater awareness of the limits of any strategy involving violence and attacks.