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EGYPT/ Fattah (Muslim Brotherhood): We will not follow in Mubarak’s footsteps

ABDEL FATTAH HASAN of the Muslim Brotherhood comments on the state of Mubarak’s health, on his following in the country, and the upcoming presidential run-off elections.

Mubarak behind bars Mubarak behind bars

Hosni Mubarak, Egypt's former president, recently sentenced to life imprisonment for crimes against humanity, is in a coma, according to the spokesman for the Egyptian Minister of the Interior Mahmoud. His words were taken up by CNN and they confirm that Mubarak’s immediate family, his wife and children, were allowed to join him in what could be his last hours. Last night, the heart of the former dictator stopped twice, forcing doctors to use a defibrillator. According to witnesses, Mubarak shifts in and out of consciousness and refuses to eat. It seems that the former Egyptian president is choosing death rather than the humiliation of imprisonment. According to Abdel Fattah, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood that IlSussidiario.net contacted, the death of Mubarak would be the death of a man, but not of the powerful groups connected to him: “Even after his death,” Fattah said, “these power groups continue to fight for the return of the regime set up by Mubarak, a totalitarian regime with all the damage it did to the Egyptian people. The last battle of these power groups will be fought with the presidential run-off vote”. Fattah has hope, however, that the forces that want a definitive launch of a new Egypt will prevail: “We have strong signals that we will be able to win. The conscience of the Egyptian people will decide for a better future and not to return to the tyrannies of the past”. They will decide for a new Egypt where, he says, it is mandatory that every political force cooperates together: “No one can decide to govern alone”.

is known about the current health conditions of Mubarak? In the West, people are saying that he may already be dead.
We know that his physical condition has worsened; however, all rumors about his death are not true.

What would
his death mean? Would it simply be symbolic? Do the power groups connected with him still exist?
Unfortunately, even after the death of Mubarak, the power groups linked to his regime will still be working to regain power in the country. They are also convinced there is a big prize in the wealth accumulated by Mubarak to be won.

you think, then, that there will be more clashes and difficulties for Egypt?
This is demonstrated by the number of votes, over 5 million, that the former Prime Minister Ahmad Shafiq got (only 200 thousand less than the Muslim Brotherhood candidate, ed.). His party supported him with huge efforts that led to this success. We are talking about the same party that governed Egypt for many years using corruption that touched every level, from health care to education. Thus, the death of Mubarak will mean the disappearance of one man, but those who had interests in his regime will be fighting a final battle on the day of the run-off.

What is your prediction for the run-off election? Have there been polls