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EGYPT/ Mubarak’s death and the struggle between the Army and the Brotherhood

GIAN MICALESSIN comments on Mubarak’s illness and who stands to benefit from it, and from his possible death. Is the military trying to take control? Are they already in control?

Hosni Mubarak  (Infophoto) Hosni Mubarak (Infophoto)

“The news about Mubarak's health is skillfully orchestrated by the military to postpone the verdict of the elections. Their candidate Shafiq got fewer votes than the Muslim Brotherhood candidate Morsi, but the military might be tempted to reverse the outcome of the election.” This is the statement of Gian Micalessin, war correspondent for the Italian newspaper Il Giornale.  Meanwhile, official medical sources have denied that the former president has ever been in a deep coma. Micalessin claims that it will be the military to decide when the former Rais will dieto exploit this event in their struggle against the Muslim Brotherhood. The confrontation between the Army and the Brotherhood is taking place in these days in the famous, and for many Egyptians sacred, Tahrir Square.

would benefit from the death of Mubarak?
Mubarak is now a ghost of himself, totally out of contention, and his death would not help anyone. Rather, we must ask ourselves who benefits from keeping him alive, or playing with the news about his health. A game is unfolding around the more or less still warm body of the former Rais. His illness served to not have him killed in prison, in order not to alienate the many nostalgic people who still think that his regime did good things. With this trick, Mubarak was removed from the prison and taken to a health care institution that belongs to the military, who will decide the time of his death.

So, who benefits
from keeping Mubarak alive?
Keeping him alive is useful for delaying the electoral verdict, maneuvering it so that the candidate of the military, Shafiq, becomes more acceptable. In fact, the results of the election that were supposed to have been announced yesterday were postponed to next week. Everyone knows that if the results were to give the victory to Shafiq, it would mean they had been rigged. What if, in the meantime, the former Rais dies? The excitement surrounding the death of Mubarak could lead to further delays in the announcement of the winner, maybe until after the funeral.

The Islamists
cheered at the news of his impending death...
Actually, in this climate of expectation, the Muslim Brotherhood can only lose, and the military can only gain. Time wears out the Islamist movement, which is in fact paralyzed, while it favors the old order and the silent majority of the Army, which has now decided to take back the power it has held for the past 70 years.

Do those who
artfully spread the news about the dying Rais also aim to accuse those who wanted his expulsion?