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ATTACK IN AFGHANISTAN/ Not just the Taliban to worry about

A suicide bomb killed 23 at a wedding in Afghanistan yesterday. Italian General CARLO JEAN discusses the situation in the country, dominated by warring tribes and ethnic groups.

Attack in Afghanistan  (Infophoto) Attack in Afghanistan (Infophoto)

Twenty-three people were killed in the attack that hit a wedding party yesterday in the province of Samangan in northern Afghanistan. The targeted victim was Parliament member Ahmad Khan Samangani, an ethnic Uzbek and well-known figure in the country. Samangani was killed by the suicide bomber, who entered the wedding party without being challenged and blew himself up. It was an attack that, for once, did not target Western military forces, but that shows that the internal war between factions and ethnic groups is still hot.

“It is not the first time that an attack like this has happened”, says General Carlo Jean, contacted by IlSussidiario.net. “Do not forget the death of Burhanuddin Rabbani, the head of the United Islamic Front for the Salvation of Afghanistan, and President of the Northern Alliance. He too was a leader from Uzbekistan, one of the leaders in the war against Russia at the time of the Soviet invasion”. This picture seems to show that the Taliban are fighting against everyone: “The Taliban denied responsibility for the attack today, even though it was carried out with classic characteristics of the Taliban suicide attacks”, said General Jean. “We must keep in mind that even Uzbeks and other ethnic groups are fighting each other in Afghanistan and even among ethnic Uzbeks, different clans are fighting each other”.

Western forces, at least apparently, have never taken part in this war of factions, preferring to concentrate on fighting the Taliban. Is that true? “From a political standpoint, the West has been very busy. For example, they have attempted to form a national assembly aimed at finding a compromise between the various tribes, clans and warlords, these last who have been fighting amongst themselves for almost thirty years”. What possible solutions came out of this project to resolve this bloody internal struggle? “I refer to the concluding statement of the Tokyo Conference on Afghanistan held in May in which the international community claims that they will seek to promote candidates able to receive some attention from the mass of the Afghan population represented by an assembly of tribe leaders and the elders of the various tribes”.