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KENYA/ Why Christians continue to be killed in Africa

GUIDO OLIMPIO comments on the attacks on Christians in Garissa Kenya yesterday, which left 17 dead and 45 wounded, on the reasons behind it and on the future of the country.

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Another massacre of Christians, another bloody Sunday in Africa. After numerous attacks have occurred in recent months in Nigeria, now two bloody massacres were carried out in Garissa, in northern Kenya. A terrorist group of armed men with their faces covered by ski masks broke into the city's cathedral and the church belonging to the Africa Inland Independent Church (AIC) congregation, while the faithful were gathered for Sunday celebrations. There are 17 confirmed deaths so far and about 45 wounded. Despite the fact that responsibility for the attacks has not yet been claimed, the Kenyan authorities point the finger at the al-Shabaab Islamic militia operating in Somalia, 140 km away from Garissa. The Holy See has strongly condemned the massacres, letting it be known through Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi that "the terrorist attacks in Kenya are horrible and very worrying. It seems that attacking Christians gathered on Sunday in their places of worship is becoming a method considered by terrorist groups to be particularly effective in spreading hatred and fear”. IlSussidiario.net asked Guido Olimpio, foreign policy columnist for the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, to comment.

new attacks have occurred, this time in Kenya. What do you think about the situation?
It has been evident for some time that groups more or less related to Al Qaeda have chosen Africa as a battleground, and as the area in which to launch their offensives.

Why Africa

First of all, the conditions are right. Somalia, Nigeria, and now Kenya and the whole Sahel area, are all territories that, for political reasons, security, large borders, poor controls and an ideological base of support are being transformed into areas where such groups can launch attacks and organize devastating actions.

Do you think there
are points of contact between the groups in Nigeria and those that struck in Kenya today?
The Nigerian Boko Haram group is no doubt in connection with the members of  al-Qaeda in the Sahel, but also with groups active in Somalia, like the militants of al Shabaab and smaller groups that are, however, relegated to this Islamist area between Somalia and Kenya.

did they choose Kenya today?