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SYRIA/ Gemayel: the martyrdom of my brother Pierre and suspicions about Assad’s assassins

Suspicions surround the death of Lebanese member of government Pierre Gemayel. His brother, SAMY GEMAYEL comments on Syria’s actions in Lebanon and the consequences of the current war.

Assad speaking in Damascus   (Infophoto) Assad speaking in Damascus (Infophoto)

Pierre Amine Gemayel, a Christian Minister of the Lebanese government, was assassinated in 2006 by four assassins. He had criticized the Assad regime several times, and many have observed that the Syrian government had an interest in destabilizing the Lebanese Christian community by hitting the politicians who represented it. Ilsussidiario.net interviewed the brother of Pierre, Samy Gemayel, a member of parliament with the Kataeb party in Lebanon, known for having coined the motto “unity among Christians is the only solution”.

In your opinion
, who was behind the murder of your brother?
For the moment I do not want to accuse anyone of the martyrdom of my brother Pierre. I prefer to wait for the judgment of the Special Tribunal of Lebanon, which is investigating the murders that occurred in Lebanon after the withdrawal of the Syrian troops (including that of former premier Rafiq Hariri, ed). I truly hope we can reach positive conclusions and that those who killed my brother will be found guilty.

So you do not
suspect that Assad was responsible?
I prefer to wait to commit myself. What I can say with certainty is that Christians in Lebanon have suffered from the regimes of Assad, father and son. Every Christian in Lebanon has been subjected to bombings from Syrian tanks and artillery of their regions, villages and houses. Not to mention the 5 thousand martyrs of the Lebanese resistance that fell under the blows of the army of Damascus from 1975 to 1990. The oppression and humiliation imposed on the Christians during the Syrian occupation of Lebanon from 1990 to 2005 is also indelibly imprinted in the minds of each one of us. Thus, the Lebanese Christians cannot support the Assad regime, although obviously there are exceptions.

, however, claims to be the only one able to protect Christians in Syria...
The Christians in Syria and in any other country in the world do not need protection. The Christians were present in Syria before Bashar al-Assad came into power and will remain there even after him. The only thing that can protect them and ensure their survival in this part of the world is the new political system that will be built after Bashar al-Assad is gone, and the aim of it must be to preserve pluralism, to respect freedom of expression and religion and to adopt democracy as the rule. Our only fear is that these principles and values ??will be defeated because this would create the conditions for the destruction of the Christian presence in Syria.

Many fear
that if Syria were democratic, extremists would take over...