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TERRORISM/ How Al Qaeda is spreading throughout North Africa

GIAN MICALESSIN discusses the situation in Northern Mali, where extremist movements have taken over and could have access to arms from Libya, creating a situation worse than Afghanistan.

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The alarm was raised about the creation of a “Sahelistan”, an area in the north of Mali that could become worse than Afghanistan by the French foreign minister, Laurent Fabius, who is worried that the union of separatist, religious and extremist movements could result in an explosive mix of anarchy unprecedented for the Sahelo-Saharan region of Africa. The Spanish authorities are also moving to repatriate their citizens from the Tindouf area where Italian aid worker Rossella Urru was kidnapped and from northern Mali. Also, according to the diplomacy of Madrid, the north of Mali is in the hands of radical groups, led by Mujao, the movement for the jihad in North Africa. It is a hot area from which all directives for terrorist action in the region and beyond could come in the future. Therefore, we at Ilsussidiario.net asked Gian Micalessin, a war correspondent, for his opinion.

Do you agree
that there is a danger of a “Sahelistan”?
Since the time when Timbuktu fell into the hands of groups linked to al Qaeda who control the area and who have, in fact, dominated the Tuareg people who fought for independence in the north, the entire northern part of Mali has become a major terrorist stronghold. I would like to remind people that there has already been a case of the stoning of a couple in Timbuktu, the flags of Al Qaeda are waving, and monuments which are not in line with the Islamic religion have been destroyed. All of this has already happen, and in fact, the French government is considering a military intervention in Mali. All of this, however, from my point of view, is very strange.

what way?
It is strange that the French care so much about the Islamization of the Sahel and of Mali, though I understand that this is an area that falls within their historical competence. They are much less alarmed, however, about Syria, where the main allies of the fundamentalist groups are the ones fighting around Aleppo, so that France is in fact supporting an intervention that could bring groups monopolized by Al Qaeda to power.

Which are the “hottest”
territories in the Sahel region in terms of terrorism?