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LIBYA/ The results of false tolerance

RIRO MANISCALCO comments on the hate that generated the attack on the American embassy in Libya, and the intolerance that lies deep within people in America, Libya, and everywhere.

After the attack on the embassy in Benghazi  (Infophoto) After the attack on the embassy in Benghazi (Infophoto)

It is not nice to get up in the morning and discover that your ambassador to Libya, along with three other poor men, was killed. It is not nice to discover that your embassy was attacked in Egypt too, with the American flag as a victim. How many are burned around the world? It is not nice to know that all of this was triggered by a stupid and provocative video put together by one of your compatriots.

America woke up and it was forced to remember that September 11 is not just something that happened eleven years ago, or just yesterday. September 11 is today, Al Qaeda or not. Hatred stirs up hatred, we know, and it is inevitable. What we do not seem to know – or are ignoring - is that all people, because of their history, tradition, education, and therefore way of thinking, has in itself the criteria for judging what is happening, what is. And these criteria are different. We cannot read and interpret the reality experienced by others by applying our categories. It would be like trying to understand another person without knowing their language or attempt to speak to make someone understand our own language when they are ignoring us.

A few days ago, following the Democratic National Convention on TV, Vice President Biden put Libya among the “achievements”, or “successes” of the Obama administration since they contributed to the fall of the Gaddafi regime. Is this the Libya we hoped for? Is this what we expected from the new Egypt? Is this the result of the battle to get rid of two dictators? Did we get involved because of oil? Was it because these are two strategic countries in the political world? Or simply because, in its sometimes obtuse simplicity, America always feels compelled to do justice or, at least, to bring democracy and Western values?? everywhere?

This is not an issue only for the Obama administration. We can look back at years and years of American international policy, from Iraq to Afghanistan and back to the “anti-communist battles” of Vietnam and Korea, and find the same errors of judgment. We supported Iran against Iraq, the Taliban against the Russians, and God knows who else in this world without peace, and each time, often sooner than later, we paid a heavy price, and not just in human lives. What is the heaviest price? The hatred of those who see us as intruders who claim to bring values ??and beliefs that are not shared and not shareable. We should understand that. At this point we should be able to understand it.