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US ELECTIONS/ Obama or Romney: the only alternative for a Christian?

DAVID JONES describes the dilemma American Catholics will face in the upcoming presidential elections, focusing on the failures of the Republican candidate. Are different choices possible?

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I am sure everyone has a warm fuzzy feeling from Mitt Romney's acceptance speech at the RNC Convention. Mormons are experts in focusing people on their emotions, it is called "burning in the bosom". In reality though it is a mile wide of emotions but only an inch deep of truth. Let us focus on some facts about Mitt Romney which conservatives, Catholics, and Christians should know about him. Let us focus on these hard truths below.

Mitt Romney supports abortions in cases of rape, incest and the health of the mother. Everyone knows that the "health of the mother" exception is a sea lane large enough to sail a Disney cruise ship through it. In fact, he claims the Supreme Court decision, Roe vs. Wade, is settled law. He didn’t say that years ago, he said it this August.

As Governor he also penned an executive order requiring Catholic hospitals to administer the abortifacient “morning after pill" and then he had the audacity to lie about that fact during one of the primary debates.  In May of this very year he also held a fundraiser with that very same manufacturer of the abortifacient “morning after pill”.  Mitt Romney claims to be Pro-Life. Compare what he said in his convention speech on life to his governing record. If Mitt Romney is Pro-Life than being "Pro-Life" has been emptied of its meaning in our day.

Mitt Romney claims to be Pro-Family. Mitt Romney's argument in defense of traditional marriage while simultaneously advocating for gay civil unions is a concession of surrender even before a serious dialog has even begun on this topic. The liberals know it and Mitt does as well. He has already waved the white flag or thrown in the white towel on the defense of traditional families. Mitt Romney even supports gay couples adopting children.

Mitt Romney has no foreign policy experience. He is being advised by the same neocon foreign policy/international relations advisors of our last Republican President. Does anyone doubt there will be (un)just war(s) under a Romney administration? How many tens of thousands of people will have to die to feed the bloodlust of the neocons? He even failed to give any recognition of the sacrifices of our Iraq and Afghanistan veterans in his acceptance speech. Does he even understand the sacrifices that our veterans and their families have made and will continue to make? Has he earned the title to be called our nation's Commander-in-Chief?

Mitt Romney claims to care for the working man in this country. Really? Somebody should probably tell the thousands of workers put of out of work by the intentional and deliberate actions of his own hedge fund which he personally lead in raiding the savings of those now closed factories.