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SYRIA/ Fisk (The Independent): Syria is exactly like Iraq

ROBERT FISK, Middle East correspondent of The Independent, analyses the possible consequences of an attack on Assad by the West, making a comparison with the unsuccessful Iraq war

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The United Kingdom has proposed a draft for a resolution by the United Nations that would “authorize the actions necessary to protect civilians” in Syria. Ilsussidiario.net has interviewed Robert Fisk, Middle East correspondent of The Independent and one of the most important journalists dealing with this area. According to Robert Fisk, an attack on Assad risks just to make the situation worse.

Why do you think that a Western intervention in Syria is a mistake?

Anyone intended to side with one of the two parts that are facing each other in Syria is crazy, regardless of whether he decides to support the government or the opposition. I cannot understand why the West would want to be involved in such a conflict. Obviously the official reason is that of stopping the numerous crimes that are taking place in the country, but I do not understand why the West does not intervene in all the other parts of the world where war crimes are occurring. Our leaders do not want to be involved anywhere else other than Syria. I cannot do without asking myself why.

What really is behind this possible intervention? Ideal motives or just some particular interest?

The real issue is that no Western leader is old enough to have been involved in a war. They believe that war is a political option among others. They do not see the armed conflict for what it really is, that is a failure of politics itself.

Do you really think that Obama and Cameron are so a kind of incompetents?

US and UK leaders allow themselves to play with people’s lives, as they dream and they deceive themselves to be in a Hollywood movie. Yet what is happening in Syria is not Hollywood, but a terrible human tragedy. What is needed to overcome it are not guns, but peace talks.

What will happen if the West will end up attacking Assad?

What will happen is rather simple. The war will not end in one or two days, as Mister Obama and Mister Cameron hoped. Russia, Iran, and Hezbollah will be involved too, and so this conflict will become far wider. And in the exact moment the West will be willing to quit it, it will realize the idea that three days would have been enough to make Assad fall was only an illusion.

Can the West allow Assad to win this war?

But Assad is already winning this war. Honestly, I do not know whether from the moral point of view it would right to let the Syrian regime prevail on the protesters, still there is something unclear on what is going on.

What exactly?