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Articles in Politics & Society


UK/ IVEREIGH: The state has eviscerated marriage. Society must rebuild it.

In the UK, the state has introduced a new, official definition of marriage which is wholly out of keeping with that of society, an ersatz, hollowed-out arrangement. By AUSTEN IVEREIGH
Austen Ivereigh

CRIMEA/ Russia and the Ukraine: Violations and justifications

As the days pass, and the Russian Government’s justifications for military occupation in Crimea become ever more bizarre, international law continues to be glaringly violated. MIKE HOFFMAN
Mike Hoffman

POVERTY/ Winters: In Defense of Paul Ryan

MICHAEL SEAN WINTERS comments on recent remarks Congressman Paul Ryan made about poverty and the reactions from some left wing people and organisations
Michael Sean Winters

UKRAINE/ Gonchar: Putin is thinking of an Anschluss

In this interview with ilsussidiario.net, Ukrainian professor MIKHAILO GONCHAR highlights how Putin’s attitude towards Crimea and Ukraine puts all of Europe at risk
Mykhailo Gonchar

UKRAINE/ A problem of freedom (for everyone)

GIOVANNA PARRAVICINI describes from Moscow how Russian people are reacting to the Crimean and Ukrainian events and how the defence of freedom is a personal responsibility of everyone of us
Giovanna Parravicini

ARAB SPRING / Sbai: This is how the Islamists have managed to deceive the West

SOUAD SBAI, Moroccan-Italian former parliamentarian, in this interview highlights the reasons why the so-called “Arab Spring” developed into a winter for democracy and society
Souad Sbai

U.S./ Winters: The New CBO Report on the Minimum Wage

The CBO report on the raise of the minimum wage will be consumed by partisan and ideological talking points. MICHAEL SEAN WINTERS comments it from the viewpoint of Catholic social teaching
Michael Sean Winters

UK/ Immigration: Stories, statistics and stereotyping

KATHARINE QUARMBY’s suggestion for politicians and journalists is two-fold: use statistics wisely and, secondly, before making generalisations about people, please go and talk to them
Katharine Quarmby

POLITICIANS/ The Value of Work

Reintegration of convicted individuals have access to meaningful labor as an essential component, but politicians have often refused to back such programs. By CECELIA KLINGELE
Cecelia Klingele

UK/ The costs of bashing immigration

With the Immigration Bill going through the House of Commons in 2014, SARAH TEATHER MP discusses the costs of anti-immigration policies in the UK and across Europe
Sarah Teather

U.S./ Long-Term Unemployment Benefits as the Paradigm of the "Safety-Net"

At best, long-term unemployment benefits slow down the economic decline and ease the impact. But the beneficiaries retain every incentive to return to full-time work. By GREGORY SISK
Gregory Sisk

US/ Politics in 2014

Predictions in politics are risky things, but according to MICHAEL SEAN WINTERS two predictions seem unavoidable in the politics in the U. S.: its further personalization and polarization
Michael Sean Winters

NORTH KOREA / Behind the terror of Kim Jong-Un, there are Chinese interests

In this interview with ilsussidiario.net General CARLO JEAN illustrates what is happening in North Korea and the possible consequences in the region of the ongoing power struggle
Carlo Jean

US/ Is this the moment for a soothing President?

LORENZO ALBACETE analyses the situation inside the Republican Party and the possibility of finding a candidate strong enough to beat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election
Lorenzo Albacete

INDEPENDENCE/ The U.S. too has its Nelson Mandela, still in jail

LORENZO ALBACETE recalls the story of the Puerto Rican nationalist Oscar López Rivera, still imprisoned after more than 30 years, whose path to non-violence is similar to that of Mandela
Lorenzo Albacete

SOUTH AFRICA/ Nelson Mandela and his lessons

MICHAEL SEAN WINTERS remembers the main facts in the life of Nelson Mandela and the lessons we can take out of it, first of all the hope that not all political conflicts must end in tears
Michael Sean Winters

NEW YORK/ Albacete: A different mayor for a different city

LORENZO ALBACETE describes the characteristics of the new mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio, a different type of American politician, as different as the city that has elected him
Lorenzo Albacete

PUTIN/ Russia's Interest in Protecting Christians in the Middle East

When Russian President Vladimir Putin visits Pope Francis on Nov. 25th, persecuted Christians in the Middle East will be central to the discussions. By EDWARD PENTIN
Edward Pentin

OBAMACARE/ Obama's Mea Culpa

If Obama had reflected more on history, he might have long ago recognized the need for an over-arching moral narrative to justify the ACA and to face its rollout. By MICHAEL SEAN WINTERS
Michael Sean Winters

US ELECTIONS/ Albacete: Extremism is no good for American people

LORENZO ALBACETE describes as the U.S. media reacted to the midterm elections results, which have confirmed that the American people are not willing to accept extremist political ideologies
Lorenzo Albacete
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