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EMPIRICAL SCIENCE/William Carrol: Souls Matter

A materialist philosophy that denies the reality of immaterial features of the world is an impoverished view of nature. Without souls, there are no living things. By WILLIAM CARROL

DEBATE/ Religion in the Age of Evolution: Shaking the Pillars?

But the traditional pillars of religion that support a view of God as a Creator, transcendent cause of all that is, remain unshaken by the discoveries of modern science. By WILLIAM CARROL

DEBATES/ What is time? A companion which carries along all that matters to man

Despite some progress, we are still far from achieving a profound understanding about the nature of time. A debate published in Euresis Journal. By ULISSES BARRES DE ALMEIDA and JUAN ROJO

DEBATES/ Euresis Symposium: The hidden spark that ignites the scientist's quest

The “big questions” in the various fields of science today were at the core of the International Symposium organized in August 2014 in San Marino by Euresis. By SAMIR SUWEIS

SHALE GAS/We must control fugitive emissions to make sure it really is cleaner

JANE BURSTON, Head of the Centre for Carbon Management at the National Physical Laboratory, explores the issue of greenhouse gas emissions caused by shale gas extraction

HUMAN BEINGS/ Tollefsen:Science and the Embryo

Science does not need to wait on philosophy’s pronouncements about what the human embryo is. Science has settled the question of when a human being's life begins. By CHRISTOPHER TOLLEFSEN

WORKSHOP/ AVSI: How does climate change affect our lives?

Outcomes from a workshop organized by AVSI together with Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei on the impacts of climate change on the most vulnerable people, especially in developing countries

COSMOLOGY/Within 5 - 6 years we will enlighten the dark matter

In this interview EDWARD W. KOLB, a professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics at the University of Chicago, describes the developments in the research on Dark Matter and Dark Energy

THE LIMITS OF LIFE/ Carrol: Biology and the Philosophy of Nature

The new and exciting insights into the world which biology offers us need to be integrated into a philosophical perspective that is richer than a reductive materialism. By WILLIAM CARROLL

PHYSICS/ Quantum Mechanics and the Nature of Physical Reality

Quantum Mechanics is one of the cornerstones of modern physics and has greatly influenced philosophical thought also beyond the natural sciences. By ULISSES BARRES DE ALMEIDA and JUAN ROJO

LAWS OF NATURE/ Genesis of a Pythagorean Universe

Who or what tuned the Universe so fine? By necessity, we are coming to conclusion that an ultimate source of the laws of nature is a transcendental mind. By ALEXEY BUROV and LEV BUROV

FOOD/A golden opportunity, wasted 6000 times a day

The lack of vitamin A is the primary cause of death globally, with about two million victims every year. PIERO MORANDINI describes the aim of the “Allow Golden Rice now!” campaign

PHYSICS/ After the Higgs, CERN is already thinking of the next big machine

CERN has announced a five-year design study to investigate the potential of a Future Circular Collider, to explore distances and energies well below the LHC reached. By JUAN ROJO

DEBATES/ Euresis Journal: Science, Reason and Truth

The fifth issue of Euresis Journal was published online, with the title “Science, Reason and Truth", a debate approached from multiple angles. By ULISSES BARRES DE ALMEIDA and JUAN ROJO

DEBATE/ Carrol: Illusions of Unity? Mind, Value, and Nature

Is it wrong to study the natural sciences using a metaphysical framework that sees unity in reality? Unity takes many forms, but we cannot conclude that unity is illusory. By WILLIAM CARROL

TECHNOLOGY/ William Carrol: Who Am I? The Building of Bionic Man

The invention of Rex, a bionic man with artificially created organs, helps us see why it is impossible even for the most sophisticated machine to be a human being. By WILLIAM CARROL

EVOLUTION/ The cultural revolution which opened up to symbolic thought and abstraction

Euresis Journal presents the proceedings of the 2012 San Marino Symposium on the theme of "Biological Evolution and the Nature of Human Beings." Ulisses Barres de Almeida and Juan Rojo

SCIENCE & RELIGION/ Higgs’ smile and Dawkins’ box

Peter Higgs, the “inventor” of the famous particle, explains why there is no incompatibility between science and religion. So, why is there such a big debate? By GIORGIO AMBROSIO

ABORTION/ The Pro-Life Movement: Illuminated by Technology

LISA HENDEY, founder and webmaster of CatholicMom.com, talks about the significant impact that technology and social media have had on the abortion debate, since the Roe v. Wade decision

SCIENCE AND FAITH/ Mr. Higgs’ statement against anti-religious fundamentalism

MARIO GARGANTINI discusses an interview with physicist Peter Higgs, famous for having come up with the hypothesis of the Higgs Boson, and his views on religion and science
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