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SCOTLAND/ A family without the father, the ultimate folly of nihilism

The word “father” was censored from the Scottish government’s book on child care in order not to offend same-sex couples. PAOLO GULISANO discusses this triumph of the politically correct.

Cardinal O'Brien greets Pope Benedict XVI Cardinal O'Brien greets Pope Benedict XVI

Even in old Scotland the dictatorship of the politically correct begins to be felt, and just as the nation that for centuries claimed their right to self-determination with passion against their powerful English neighbor is closer to freedom. But what freedom? For months there has been a very harsh press campaign against the leader of the Catholic Church in Scotland, Cardinal O'Brien, Archbishop of St. Andrews and Edinburgh, "guilty" in the eyes of some powerful media sources of not accepting the equivalence of the natural family formed by a man and a woman with same-sex couples.

For having simply stated that the second form of coexistence is not a family, the cardinal was heavily attacked, and some people have even called for his arrest and trial, an example of intolerance in the name of tolerance. This paradox is not an isolated one, however. In recent days, the latest version of a handbook, produced by the National Health Services, just in Scotland, not in the entire United Kingdom, was released. The handbook, called Ready Steady Baby, has been widespread among expectant couples for years and contains all you need to know about pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, and the baby's first months of life. The fact is that the word "father" is missing from this latest version. The only accepted term is "parent": duly neutral and able to be used for both sexes, or "genders," as it is fashionable to say.

The beautiful English language has been the object of severe rewriting for years, under the banner of ideological conformism. Terms that provide a precise definition of sex like "man" and "woman" are being extinguished from the dictionary, replaced by the neutral "person", sometimes with ridiculous results. The word "dad", so beautiful in its austere “father”, or in its more gentle and loving “daddy” has been censored for fear of offending gay couples, following the protests of those who argued that the term “father” was not a word that respects those who have relationships with same-sex couples where paternity obviously cannot happen, which is certainly not the fault of anyone, least of all the English language or the bishops who remind everyone of elementary truths, but happens because it is written in the laws of nature, or of biology.