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Articles in Welfare & Subsidiarity


U.S./ Racism on Both Sides of the Mason-Dixon Line

America’s racial problems are not confined to Dixie and they are not merely symbolic: They exist on both sides of the Mason-Dixon Line and they are structural. By MICHAEL SEAN WINTERS

SCOTUS/ Dcn. Dodge: What's the big deal about re-defining marriage?

Radically redefining marriage - as the Court recently did - is one more way for Western society to force "the weak [to] carry the burden of the strong’s selfishness." By Dcn. SCOTT DODGE

SUBSIDIARITY/ Houellebecq defines distributism well

In an imagined French Islamist government described in his latest novel Soumission, Michel Houellebecq gives a good description of distributism and subsidiarity. By Deacon SCOTT DODGE

CATHOLIC MEDIA/ Winters: Today's Joint Editorial Against Capital Punishment

Four Catholic publications, usually on different sides, yesterday spoke with one voice against the death penalty in the U S. And this is good for the Church underlines MICHAEL SEAN WINTERS

GENETICS/ UK Churches speak out against bid to allow ‘three-parent’ embryos

The Church of England and the Catholic Church have issued statements urging MPs to vote against a new genetic technology that critics say is both unethical and unsafe. By AUSTEN IVEREIGH

ALS/ Why I did the Ice Bucket Challenge and I invite everyone to continue to do so

Behind the IBC, there is the real life of people who are powerful witnesses of the same truth, that reality is “positive”, no matter what disease, like ALS, strikes you. By SABRINA PAGANONI

US/ René Girard, Michael Brown Jr. and Ferguson, Missouri

It appears as if the African American community has turned Brown into a martyr and the whites have turned the police officer into a hero. But this way there is no way out. By DAVID JONES

ENCOUNTERS/ Accepting Mercy On the Supermarket Line

We like to think of ourselves as the givers, not the receivers, but we all are in need of mercy, and the lesson on this truth can come from an encounter in a supermarket. By ALLISON SALERNO

US/ Dcn Dodge: The Sixth Circuit Court and sanity

Dcn SCOTT DODGE comments on the decision of the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati to uphold the constitutional amendments passed in four states that legally uphold marriage

SOCIETY/ Ebola & Fear: Two Crippling Diseases

To be sure, Ebola is scary, but nothing good comes from fear. We should be afraid of the moral blindness of our culture of indifference we inhabit and facilitate. By MICHAEL SEAN WINTERS

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE/ Pope Francis, 16 Women Senators, and Protecting Women

A bipartisan group of 16 women senators wrote Commissioner Goodell expressing dismay with the NFL’s “policy” regarding domestic violence and Ray Rice's beating of his wife. By MARY LEARY

WOMEN/ We Should Not Need A Videotape To Be Repulsed By Domestic Violence

According to the Domestic Violence Hotline, 3 in 10 women will experience some form of intimate partner violence or stalking, but without a video camera to charge the abuser. By MARY LEARY

WORKERS/ Catholic Social Teaching and public-employee unions

According to RICHARD GARNETT the political community, as an employer, has obligations to citizens and future generations that can affect the "right to unionize" of public employees

THE SHARING ECONOMY/ Using Technology to Change the World

Since we live on a planet of finite resources, we need to realise that the future will be based on sharing. The role of technology in this new sharing economy. By BENITA MATOFSKA

STRASBOURG/ No human right to same-sex marriage

Strasbourg has rightly read its human rights charter stating that, while a state has the power to redefine marriage, it cannot create a human right but only recognize it. By AUSTEN IVEREIGH

PRISONS/ Football has its rules, world has its rights. Human rights in Brazil

Faced with the overcrowding of its traditional prisons, Brazil has developed an alternative prison system, where detainees are regarded more as people undergoing rehabilitation. By AVSI

EGG FREEZING/ Beating Biology and Buying Time, But at What Cost?

Egg freezing does not really beat biology. It buys a small chance at giving birth, but at a very high price indeed, including short- and long-term health risks. By JENNIFER LAHL

MEN AND WOMEN/ Resisting the Mentality of "Total Work"

All people —male or female, married or single— must draw boundaries between their work and their personal life, for their own good and the good of society. By MARGARITA MOONEY

ABUSE/ Check Ups for Protecting Children: The Diocesan Audit Results

The results of the Catholic Church’s efforts to protect children are evident in the annual diocesan audits. There is a Zero Tolerance policy on abusers since 2002. By FRANCESCO CESAREO

PARENTS/ 2. How Do I Speak with My Child About Sexual Abuse?

As parents sometimes, we find talking to our children about sexual topics to be difficult. But children need to be protected from becoming victims of sexual abuse. By FRANCESCO CESARE
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