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Articles in Welfare & Subsidiarity


VATICAN/ Francis hosts trafficking conference organised by Church in England and Wales

MEGAN HODDER reports on the international conference held in the Vatican on the scandal of human trafficking, which is the second most profitable criminal enterprise in the world
Megan Hodder

UK/ The foetal body-burning scandal: facing the truth of a throwaway culture

The bodies of thousands of miscarried and aborted babies have been incinerated as chemical waste in the UK. A harsh illustration of a ‘throwaway culture’. By CAROLINE FARROW
Caroline Farrow

POVERTY/ Sound and Fury cloud the Bishops’ words

MATTHEW GROVES addresses key points highlighted in the Bishops' welfare letter on food poverty in the UK, which has been exploited by the press and politicians for a political controversy
Matthew Groves

HIV/ AVSI: Access to care for 15 million people

From the consultation where AVSI took part with CARITAS and UNAIDS it stood out that a constructive approach involving all the actors is needed in order to meet people’s needs

COMMUNITY SHOP/ The UK’s First Social Supermarket, Delivering Surplus Food For Social Good

SARAH DUNWELL, Director of Social Affairs at Company Shop, discusses the social benefits behind redistributing surplus food and describes the Community Shop model in the UK
Sarah Dunwell

PROSECUTORS/ Ministers of Justice

Professor CECELIA KLINGELE describes the relevant role of prosecutors in the administration of justice and their greater openness to re-examine closed cases and to remedy possible mistakes
Cecelia Klingele

THE POOR/ Susan Stabile: What's In Between the Roses

The poor. No one can strip another of the dignity bestowed upon him or her, but what does it mean for some people to believe they have no dignity? By SUSAN STABILE
Susan Stabile

UK/ Anglican bishops back Nichols over poverty impact of welfare reforms

Archbishop Nichols’ criticism of the "disgraceful" effects on the poorest of the welfare reforms has been echoed by a large group of Anglican bishops and other clergy. By AUSTEN IVEREIGH
Austen Ivereigh

ABORTION/ Tollefsen: A Public Issue

Contrary to the judgment of the Supreme Court, abortion is not a private issue. It snuffs out the existence of a member of the human community, a person like us. By CHRISTOPHER TOLLEFSEN
Christopher Tollefsen

TEXAS/ Carter Snead: To save innocent human lives is not "religious fanaticism"

CARTER SNEAD, University of Notre Dame, comments on the Texas court decision at the request of the family, to allow the termination of therapy for Ms. Munoz, despite her pregnancy
Carter Snead

ESCAPE FROM SUDAN / Prison, hunger and friends: Junior and his newfound hope

JUNIOR is a refugee from Sudan. He recounts his escape to Italy, his suffering to near death, and the encounter with a group of friends who took him back to life and hope

FAMILY/ Motherhood and Career: A Thrilling Tug of War

The home and the office pull in opposite directions, but modern mothers can assemble a team on both ends of the rope to help them manage that tension. By ANA SAMUEL
Ana Samuel

US/ Immigration Reform Would Lift Immigrant Families Out of Poverty, Benefit Nation

Keeping undocumented workers in the shadows limits their ability to fully contribute to our economy and prevents them from climbing out of poverty to live in dignity. By Bp. EUSEBIO ELIZONDO
Eusebio Elizondo

POLLS/ Who Can You Trust?

A recent Gallup poll demonstrated that generational differences between young and older Americans and political stances play a key role in shaping worldviews. By MICHAEL and NOAH EPPLER
Michael Eppler

ABORTION/ A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

“Informed choice” legislation does not impede a woman’s ability to choose abortion but it enlightens the abortion choice by making clear what it is that is being chosen. By Michael Paulsen
Michael Paulsen

SOCIETY/ Innovation, Social Investment and the Church’s Mission

TOM JACKSON highlights the longstanding role in social innovation of the Church, from monasteries pioneering educational and health care services to modern-day food banks
Tom Jackson

LAW/ A Lesson in Equality from California

Governor Brown’s recent veto of a California bill concerning the statute of limitations for sex abuse cases reminds us of the principle of equality in law. By M. MORELAND and P. BRENNAN
Michael Moreland
Patrick Brennan

WOMEN/ Authentic Feminine Excellence

According to ANGELA MICELI, women ought to cultivate an authentic and creative form of excellence that engages the whole person, with all her talents, in relation with others
Angela Miceli

FOOD BANKS/ Food waste and food losses coexist with hunger: is it fair ?

ISABEL JONET, President of the European Federation of Food Banks, describes the mission of Food Banks to combat waste, recovering food and distributing it those to whom it is missing
Isabel Jonet


The official report on the death of Savita Halappanavar focuses on the reform of national protocols for sepsis management, with no mention to the refusal of abortion. By MEGAN HODDER
Megan Hodder
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