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Articles of The Dossier: Benedict XVI in Lebanon, 2012

BENEDICT XVI/ Lebanon’s secret

According to MICHAEL COOK, of all Western leaders, only Benedict XVI has managed to find common ground with Muslims without sacrificing his own principles, as shown in his visit to Lebanon
Culture & Religion

POPE IN LEBANON/ A Message to Teachers

After the Pope’s visit to Lebanon, ROBERT JOHN ARAUJO reflects on the relevance of Benedict’s words for teachers, who are to guide students towards greater freedom.
Education & Schooling

VIDEO/ Pope Benedict XVI’s closing speech in Lebanon

Benedict XVI concludes his three day trip to Lebanon with a final message urging all his listeners to work toward peace and to have hope. Watch the video here.
English Spoken Here

POPE IN LEBANON/ If the US forgets Benedict

LORENZO ALBACETE comments on the Pope’s visit to Lebanon and on how his words could inspire and change people all over, if only the media would cover the event.
Culture & Religion

POPE IN LEBANON/ Benedict, the new "Lion" of the Church

Father MASSIMO CAMISASCA discusses the pontificate of Benedict XVI, comparing him to Pope Leo the Great, and describing how his recent visit to Lebanon fits in.
Culture & Religion

POPE IN LEBANON/ In a time of tension, Arabs ready to welcome the Father

Professor GEORGES CORM discusses the Pope’s visit to Lebanon two days after the killing of American Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens, and how the Pope could spark change.
Culture & Religion
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