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Articles of The Dossier: Benedict XVI in the UK, 2010

NEWMAN/ "Cor ad cor loquitur"

The Pope’s visit to Great Britain has been an historical event and a hope for the future, as demonstrated by Newman, a profoundly English figure loved both by Catholics and Anglicans  
Culture & Religion

UK/ How Secular is Britain really?

A kind of aggressive cultural secularism has definitely grown in Britain in the last decade, but it does not represents the entirety of British life. As the recent visit of the Pope has shown, ...
Culture & Religion

POPE VISIT/ Renewal of Education Begins with Teachers and Students

On his visit to the UK, by speaking directly to students and to teachers, Pope Benedict turns to the human heart as the engine to renew education
Education & Schooling

UK/ Britain makes room for Benedict

Coming to celebrate Newman, Benedict put the following question to British society: Do great English cultural figures like Newman have a place anymore? The visit made the question personal, too: ...
Culture & Religion

NEWMAN/ A Saint for Our Age

On the eve of the beatification of Cardinal Newman and the conclusion of the Pope's visit to Britain, ilsussidiario.net has asked Professor John Milbank of the University of Nottingham to discuss ...
Culture & Religion

WITNESS/ An English Catholic's perspective on the Papal visit to the UK

A personal witness of a journey to Christianity, where Cardinal John Henry Newman played a relevant role as a great example of truly English Catholicism  
Culture & Religion

POPE/ Peter Hitchens: "How atheism brought me to faith,"

On the occasion of Pope Benedict XVI's visit to Great Britain, Ilsussidiario.net interviewed Peter Hitchens, whose beliefs are contrary to those of his brother, the writer Christopher Hitchens, ...
Culture & Religion

PREJUDICE/ The Ryder Cup, the Pope, and a Mosque at Ground Zero

American golfers are not the only controversial men religious visiting the British Isles in the coming days and weeks. Benedict XVI touches down on Thursday 9/16. . . .  
Culture & Religion

POPE/ That time at Downing Street

The appointment by Tony Blair of a Catholic ambassador to the Vatican set the stage for the Pope's official visit to Britain which begins today; despite the rancour, it is a new historical moment ...
Politics & Society

UK/ The Pope strides determinedly in the direction of the enemy

In advance of Pope Benedict's visit to the United Kingdom, where he will beatify the converted Anglican John Henry Cardinal Newman, John Waters examines the background to the frenzied media ...
Culture & Religion
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