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Calciomercato Napoli/ Pezzuto (ag. FIFA): Uno straniero in difesa! A centrocampo un solo nome... (esclusiva)


Calciomercato Napoli, l'agente FIFA Gianpaolo Pezzuto ha parlato delle possibili mossse del prossimo gennaio. I partenopei cercano un giocatore per ruolo per l'assalto allo scudetto

On October 28th and 29th, meetings, exhibitions and shows were put on in Cairo. The theme was “Beauty: the Space of Dialogue”. Important people in Egyptian life and culture, both Muslims and Christians, met in concrete dialogue, inspired by the Rimini Meeting for Friendship amongst Peoples.


EGYPT/The Bombing in Alexandria: "Blessing in Disguise"

The bombing of the church in Alexandria turns into a “blessing in disguise”, as this attack reminded everybody of the need for dialogue and mutual comprehension  


MEETING CAIRO/ Beauty: the Space of Dialogue

On October 28 and 29, there will be a two-day Rimini Meeting in Egypt. Thanks to the initiative of an elite group of Egyptian intellectuals and judges the city of Cairo will live a unique moment  


CAIRO/ The Meeting is going to start

The Meeting in Cairo will start on October 28 in the Main Hall of the University. The theme of the encounter is “ Beauty, the room for dialogue”  


EGYPT/ Meeting in Cairo

At the end of October, the city of Cairo will have the opportunity to experience the Meeting of Rimini, from the initiative of an elite group of Egyptian intellectuals and judges who are working ...