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Articles of The Dossier: Crucifixes in Classrooms

CRUCIFIX/ Carozza: Now Europe is following the United States on freedom of religion

Paolo Carozza describes how the attitudes toward freedom of religion are changing in America and Europe, shown by the European Court’s ruling in favor of the public display of crucifixes.
Culture & Religion

CRUCIFIX/ Six Lessons from the Lautsi case: An American Perspective

Professor Witte comments the Grand Chamber’s ruling allowing Italy to maintain crucifixes in classrooms and underlines the common points with the American situation
Culture & Religion

CRUCIFIX/ Professor Weiler 's First Comment on Grand Chamber's Ruling

A ruling by the European Court of Human Rights states that crucifixes may be displayed in public places in Italy. Professor Joseph Weiler's press release
Culture & Religion

THE CRUCIFIX / The Italian Appeal is Now Scaring Secular Europe

The European Court of Human Rights declared admissible the appeal lodged by Italy against the Lautsi ruling, which had decreed a ban on displaying the crucifix in classrooms. This appeal is the ...
Culture & Religion

CRUCIFIX IN CLASSROOMS/ European Court of Human Rights vs the Italian Government

Yesterday the European Court of Human Rights decided that the display of the crucifix in classrooms – which is normal in the public schools in Italy - is violating freedom of conviction and ...
Culture & Religion

US/ Crucifixes in the classroom. A problem even in a Jesuit university?

According to a report from Inside Higher Ed, there's a brouhaha underway at Boston College, one of the flagship Jesuit universities
Culture & Religion
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