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Articles of The Dossier: Earthquake and tsunami in Japan

FUKUSHIMA/ Saki Ito: Tokyo a year after the earthquake, still preparing for another one

SAKI ITO comments on the situation in Japan one year after the magnitude 9 earthquake hit, and calls on the government to do more to help the victims, who are still struggling.
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JAPAN DIARY/ 4. Another earthquake, blackouts and the desire for normality

Saki Ito discusses the situation in Japan now, after yet another quake, many more blackouts, and the fear of radiation. Is everything going back to normal?
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JAPAN DIARY/ 3. Still in confusion after 17 days

In the third edition of her diary, Saki Ito talks about the continuing fear and confusion in Japan, and the reactions to the increasing number of confirmed victims.
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JAPAN / Archbishop Kikuchi: I am sure that Japan will be able to recover

Msgr. Kikuchi, Japanese bishop, describes the situation and the Church’s initiatives to support people affected by the catastrophe, and claims to be confident in Japan’s recovery
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JAPAN DIARY/ 5th day after the deadly earthquake.

SAKI ITO continues her diary from Tokio.Aftershocks still continue, but people's concerns have been over the problem at the nuclear plant in the last couple of days.
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EARTHQUAKE/ The experience of an ordinary office worker in Tokyo

Saki Ito, an office worker in Tokyo, describes the experience of the earthquake and talks about the current living conditions and fears in the aftermath of the terrible disaster. 
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JAPAN/ A Search for the Mystery Far Away from This Life

LORENZO ALBACETE gives his point of view on the way the Japanese reacted to the terrible earthquake, responding to the question of why there is an absence of looting in Japan.
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PHOTO/ After the Earthquake, Incalculable Damage and Imminent Danger

After the 9.0 earthquake hit Japan last week, the death toll is still unknown and the uncertain status of the nuclear reactors is piling more trouble unto the battered country.
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