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HAITI/ AVSI: Five years after the earthquake. Alongside people to reconstruct the human


After five years since the disaster has brought Haiti to its knees, AVSI continues its commitment to the “reconstruction of the human”. But, important challenges still remain to be tackled

In the first months of 2010, a wave of earthquakes hit a series of countries, including Haiti and Chile. The race for aid started immediately, but the risk was that the world would forget these two countries before the reconstruction work was complete


HAITI/ 4 years after the earthquake: Cholera is spreading but there is hope called Ebens

Four years after the disastrous earthquake cholera is spreading in Haiti. AVSI team has since then been involved in fighting malnutrition and in rebuilding community structures


HAITI/ Soul of the Nations: Renewing Catholic Education

TJ D'AGOSTINO describes what Alliance for Catholic Education has done in supporting Haitian Catholic schools, and says that Catholic education serves as the soul of a nation


HAITI/ Three years after the earthquake, still a need for a people reborn

Three years have passed since the earthquake that shook Haiti on January 12, 2010, leaving the country in a state of emergency. AVSI continues its commitment to support the Haitian people


HAITI DIARY/ 16. This is how the earthquake changed our lives

Fiammetta Cappellini comments on the two year anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti that shattered so many lives and on the ongoing process of rebuilding, both physical and emotional.


DIARY HAITI/ 15. The children are the real motor for building the future

The diary from Fiammetta, an AVSI worker in Haiti continues with an update on the aftermath of the earthquake, cholera and political crises, and a look at the upcoming school and work year.


HAITI/ Educational Rebuilding and Renewal

The University of Notre Dame, Indiana, is contributing to support Haiti’s recovery from the earthquake, aiding to rebuild educational infrastructure in the country  


PHOTO/ Rebirth of the Human in Haiti - AVSI reports...

One year since the earthquake, Haiti is trying to recover. AVSI’s report on the situation and on how they responded to immediate needs including shelter, protection, and health


DIARY HAITI/ 14. One year since the earthquake: the courage of hope

One year since the earthquake. We will not forget the day when Haiti taught the world the courage of hope  


DIARY HAITI/ 13. Only you Mary can sustain us in this trial

After floods and the earthquake, now cholera and riots are striking Haiti. The people of AVSI, who are there to help the population, make their plea again: do not forget Haiti